If you would like to share the joy and power of music in a more interactive way than performer-audience, I have two workshops that I offer:

Sonic Alchemy

Acu-nicecloseup webSonic Alchemy is a gently guided journey through our inner landscapes. Using sound as our catalyst, we will open, deepen, confront roadblocks, release, discover, and commit to our deepest desires. Sound resonates deep in our bodies, bringing insights to light in a visceral way, helping us gain perspective where we may not have seen clearly before.

We will sing, drum, journal, and work with Acutonics tuning forks and Tibetan bowls to create a symphony of sound that moves stuck energy and reconnects us to our deepest truths. Part music lesson, part self reflection, part healing circle, Sonic Alchemy is a playful way to use sound to shift what’s stuck and reinvigorate our lives. Offered as a 3-4 hour workshop.

Well of Song

SharonThorn-singingSharonThorn-singingThe Well of Song is an improvisational song circle facilitated by Sharon. Envisioned as a place from whence all music flows, we will dip into the Well and sing what comes. Sharon will start the process by assigning 4 improvised parts to the group, and we will ebb and flow in and out of 4 part harmony. Workshop begins with a warm up and a visualization, and then we sing together for the remainder of the time. Participants will have the opportunity to follow their own inspirational threads as well. Themes draw on imagery and emotion from the natural world. Very invigorating and ecstatic! This workshop lasts 2 hours.

To inquire about hosting a workshop, please write to Sharon at bookingsharonknight (at) gmail (dot) com.