Wine, Women, and Violins

As the air turns brisk and our thoughts turn to cozy evenings by the fire, few things are more satisfying than a glass of full bodied red wine, every sip bearing the sweet taste of violins and soaring guitars, every luscious mouthful opening the gates for fierce and passionate music to pour out upon the Earth.

Wait, what? What lies at the heart of this strangeness, you might ask?

PrintAnswer: I now have my own wine store! Boasting a dark and voluptuous Cabernet called Pandemonaeon Pyrate Elixir, and a dark, brooding Merlot from the Stag’s Leap district, called Gyspy Soul, I am now the proud purveyor of my own wine brands. Both wines bear commemorative collector’s labels that I custom made just for this purpose.

As I contemplate the completion of Pandemonaeon’s next album and the commencement of another solo acoustic album, the time for fundraising is at hand, and offering my own wine seems a great way to raise money and offer you a good time. $7 of each bottle you purchase goes directly into my music making efforts. Proceeds will go first and foremost toward the printing of soon-to-be-released Pandemonaeon album Dangerous Beauty, and secondly toward the production of a spectacular CD release show, which of course you will all be invited to.

You can buy by the bottle, or buy by the case and save 10% – great for households and groups to stock up for their events for the year.

Now you can enjoy the sensual delights of a good red AND help a beloved artist keep creating at the same time – has drinking wine ever been more satisfying?

Do not tarry, there are only 279 bottles of the Merlot and 502 bottles of the Cabernet, so these wines are a limited time treat.

Here’s the link – Slainte!

As always, I thank you for your support, and I hope to always make it fun!

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  1. More people have to recognize what this is and how it can help, I thoroughly enjoyed your site and I’m hoping that others did aswell. BTW I hope you don’t my if I link this to my site, becuase i know my readers would want this, Thanks. Thanks

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