Where the Wild Things Are (AKA Winter says Hi)

He wasn't even drunk yet.

Winter has acquired a new hat on this journey.  Here is Winter in his new hat.  Winter got this hat from our friend, Mojo (of the Wigglian Way podcast), who hosted us for our first ever Canadian show just outside of Vancouver.

I am not sure how Winter discovered the hat, but pretty much from the moment we stepped foot in Mojo’s house, Winter and the hat were inseparable.

So eventually Mojo said, “It’s yours”.

Then Winter said “Oh no, man, I can’t take your hat”.

So Mojo said “Well you’ve already worn it more than I ever have”.

We all agreed that the hat suits Winter perfectly.

I ma not sure what it says about Winter that he finds his soul-hat and it has horns and ears. But there you go.

One thought on “Where the Wild Things Are (AKA Winter says Hi)

  1. I just stopped laughing. What a fab hat!
    I hope you have a chance to head thru S Dakota on the way back home. Take hwy 90 to Rapid City. Head out on 90 to Sturgis – Winter will fit right in with the new hat and the leather pants! – Take state 14 north to 112 to the Devil’s Tower. You won’t regret the detour. Take time to walk around the tower. It won’t take long and you certainly won’t regret it. You’ll love the bad lands. But it’s questionable if the bison will be receptive of the hat.
    Drive save. Have fun. See you next time you’re thru the Twin Cities.

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