What is Sonic Alchemy?

A colleague – and incidentally, promoter of one of my upcoming Sonic Alchemy workshops – has asked me to write a few words on what Sonic Alchemy is and why it is important to me.  So here goes.

Sonic Alchemy is a fusion of elements that have been both helpful and inspirational to me over the past 20+ years of exploration in the fields of alternative healing, music, and consciousness expansion. As some of you may know, I was a massage therapist for many years before I was a full time musician. During this time I developed a repetitive strain injury that made it very difficult to work. As part of a business course I was enrolled in, I met an acupuncturist who was using a system of healing based in Chinese medicine called Acutonics, which utilizes sets of tuning forks in place of needles to stimulate acupressure points via sound vibration. I was immediately enthralled and immersed myself in the study of Acutonics. The use of Acutonics in conjunction with massage prolonged my massage career by about 2 years, due to the fact that the sound vibrations so relaxed the muscles that I was able to get deep relief for my clients with considerably less effort.  This fascinated me, and even though I have largely given up massage in favor of the life of a touring musician, I have remained intrigued by the use of sound and music in healing, the experiences I have had in Acutonics classes and with my own clients, and my experiences with music, song circles, and ritual.  I have continued to explore these connections and utilize them as part of my own path. Of late, I have come to feel it is important to share this work.

As health care becomes increasingly cost-prohibitive and less accessible for many, it feels important that we as a human society find ways to support each other’s health and wellness as best we can. Massage and acupuncture cannot solve every problem but they have been known to significantly alleviate a variety of discomforts, many of which Western medicine has unsatisfactory answers for.  Allergies, anxiety, and aching muscles are three examples.

As we all know, music has a profound effect on our emotional states. We listen to Native American flutes or Celtic harp if we want to relax,  classical music if we want to open our mental centers, techno or metal if we want driving energy, such as for cleaning our houses. And these are just a very few examples. The subtlty of emotion that music can bring us is as varied as music itself, which is why we often crave to hear a specific song. In that moment only that song will bring us the exact emotion we crave.

We also know that medical professionals, with increasing frequency, are calling out the body-mind-spirit connection. I recently spent time with a doctor who specializes in the treatment of diabetes. Earlier this year she attended a national symposium on the disease and she told me the takeaway message from the entire weekend was that diabetes is best managed with diet, exercise, and stress reduction. Keeping one’s mind and emotions in harmony was crucial to mastering the disease.

It is my very strong belief, based on my own extensive experience, that we, like a musical instrument, can go out of tune, and this can create a sense of disharmony with ourselves and our environment. This disharmony, if left unchecked, over time can become illness. We can bring ourselves back into harmony by introducing tone into our bodies, by creating a symphony of sound that is unique to each individual.

We do this with pure tone from the Acutonics tuning forks, with our own voices, with touch, and with visualization and ritual. We feed tone into the body via acupressure meridians, trigger points, and chakras.  We radiate sound deep into the belly of each muscle. We ask our recipient to tone with us, that s/he may entrain their energy patterns to our own. And we have prepared ourselves before the session that we may hold a sacred space for them to attune to.

The tones of Acutonics are based on the mathematical formulas of the earth and the planets’ rotation in space. Inspired by Pythagoras’ “Music of the Spheres”, which is also the basis of our own western musical traditions, we use the tones of Acutonics as an aid in tuning ourselves to the cosmic harmonies of the greater universe. Thus does music help us in fulfilling our Great Work. Sonic Alchemy indeed!

Sonic Alchemy won’t set a broken bone or cut away a tumor. But, as with all complementary medicine, it excels in promoting a state of harmony and well being where truly radiant health can emerge. To give someone a Sonic Alchemy treatment is literally to give them a song, thus allowing a sense of poetry and inspiration to awaken within them. And therein lies that magickal ingredient that Western medicine is only recently coming to acknowledge as crucial to all healing – the intersection of body, mind, and spirit.

Sharon is offering Sonic Alchemy workshops in the following areas:

July 13th 7pm
Sonic Alchemy Healing Circle
Elements of Wellness
9715 Olive Blvd
Olivette MO

July 14 – 17th
Wolvenwold Music Heals the Earth Festival
18629 Rocky Top Road
Elk Creek, MO 65464
$50 entire festival

July 20th
Ancient Road
Albuquerque, NM

July 23rd
Earth Haven Community
Private Home
Brighton, CO (address given upon registration)
$55 or $60 for workshop and concert
Details here:http://cotw.us/

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  1. What a delicious gift, sweet Sharon!Thank you so much for 11 miuntes of undiluted bliss *hugs*I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of music and song,but never thought to use it to help me meditate.You, my dear, are BRILLIANT!

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