What If?

What if we stopped second guessing ourselves?

What if we stopped saying I’m too old/young/fat/skinny/ shy/uneducated/over-educated/sickly/etc. and JUST DID IT?

What if we let go of a grudge?

What if we let go of needing to be right?

What if we fed someone’s parking meter?

What if we paid the toll for the person behind us?

What if we didn’t forward the snarky Facebook post?

What if we stopped by a tree for a minute – or five – and considered it as a personal friend?

What if we decided we were a pirate queen for the day?

What if we stopped eating sugar?

What if we made a picnic for a friend, complete with table and linens out in a grassy meadow?

What if we wrote someone a love letter and mailed it with a stamp, old-school?

What if we smiled at a stranger?

What if we spent the evening with our homes lit only by candles?

What if we took a midnight hike with 6 friends at the full moon?

What if we decided to believe something impossible?

What if we burst into song right now?

What kind of a world would it be then?

10 thoughts on “What If?

  1. What if we embraced our imperfection and, like Devo, we declared “We’re THROUGH being COOL!”

    Love you, Sis

  2. Thank you for the inspiration!
    I chose to burst out singing :). And at least my world is better allready! There truly is power also in the “little” things.
    I also want to thank you for your contribution at the worlds biggest summit (how I found you). I tried it out, and it felt bl–dy AWESOME! It’s so in tune with who I am, and I can’t wait to have the time to learn more about it!
    All my love and happy thoughts coming your way!

  3. I really loved the bit about not forwarding the snarky facebook post! I find it so easy to get caught in negative though spirals where you just end up feed off the negative energy and then feeding it in return. And those spirals are also really easy to break once you realise you *can* break them.

    Thanks for the timely reminder!

  4. Soul food, indeed. <3

    My question is: What if I just embrace my morning routine of launching myself into cyberspace with coffee to my left and heart full of love for my tribe instead of berating myself for not having a 'gentler morning'?

    The answer? Less anxiety. More surrender to my own organic flow. Beautiful.

  5. “What if we fed someone’s parking meter?”

    Never done it. Going to. There’s a bum I sometimes see on the street. I give him change and if the meter maid comes he plugs the meter. Go figure. Living on the street but not being as dog eat dog as someone in the penthouse. Maybe there’s a lesson there, and not the obvious one.

    I like the comments too. Like the man said – be the change you want to see.

  6. How appropriate that I should just happen to find these queries this morning when everything I have been questioning about me life has me at the point of surrender. Sharon thank you for putting the transitory nature of our state of being into a space of possibility for growth and reaching for the light.

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