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Greetings! Welcome to the world of "Neofolk Romantique"! This site is dedicated to hopeless romantics everywhere - bellydancers with daggers, pirates in eyeliner, eccentric old ladies, brave explorers, epic love, Fairy tales and fetish boots, circus acts and re-imagined history. Here you will find music, art, and inspiration to kindle your poetic soul!

Neofolk Romantique celebrates a love of antiquity, a life filled with romance, beauty, and poetry, and the idea that every day can be an epic adventure. Want to come along? Make yourself at home, and let's share a fairy tale or two.

New Music Spotlight

A collection of 12 Celtic traditional and original songs ranging from romantic and fanciful to dark and brooding. Faery lore, lively jigs, and haunting ballads of pirates, murder, love, death, and the quest for poetic inspiration. Comes with a 21-page booklet of lyrics and song notes.

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