The Trials and Gifts of the Road

Well so far this tour has been pretty grueling. Relentless driving, low turnouts, less money overall than last year. Exhaustion. A different bed every night, none of them my own. The first night out we stayed with a lovely couple, one of whom was a doctor. She said our lives seem so hard and that she could never do what we do. Yet she made it through medical school. I don’t think I could have done that.

Unless it was my thing. If it’s your thing, it’s amazing how the energy you need rises up when you need it most. Despite all the hardships of being on the road, I feel alive when I am out here singing my songs. It makes my soul grow. Parts of it are exhausting, but then I rest. And I sing. And the singing gives me more energy than I spend.

There is a feeling that I am truly living my life. The expansiveness of that replenishes me.

If you are doing that which you were meant to do, it doesn’t matter if it’s hard. You’ll barely notice. All you’ll notice is that you are becoming the person you always wanted to be.

What makes you feel this way?

2 thoughts on “The Trials and Gifts of the Road

  1. Hi Sharon!

    I met you and Winter at Solstice in Wisteria. In one of your other blog entries you mentioned being interested in knowing if you’ve had an impact on someone’s life (the other folk performer you were reading about in Staunton hadn’t cared). I wanted you to know that in at least a “step in the right direction” way you have opened a door for me…
    When you played the Queen of Shadows song for the Morrigan and She decided to “pop in” in me during the Main Stage concert. You Called and She came! (And she still wants more music.) I’ve always felt that I channel my Tarot cards’ energy/information, but this was the first time a Goddess had decided to use that ability… I recognised the feeling because it was similar but NOT the same as my cards’. So now I feel that perhaps this ability needs to be encouraged and directed as best it can be, and that it may be the next step in my own life’s evolution to where I’m supposed to be.

  2. Hey Ce-Ce!

    Good to hear from you! Thanks for coming by and sharing your experience! It was great to meet you at Wisteria, what a gorgeous festival! PErhaps the Morrigan is wanting some work with you. IF you ever come to California, have I got the Morrigan Priestess for you to meet. HEr name is Morpheus and she blogs at if you want to check her out.

    May our paths cross again on the winding road!

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