The Barter Project

Hi Folks –

Given the precarious state of our economy, and the rather dubious feelings I have regarding the alleged  solutions,  I have decided to try a little experiment. I want to see just how much of my life I can barter for.  I have a variety of skills that may be useful to folks, which I will list here. Then I will list things that I want or need in my life.  My only rule is, it has to be something I truly want/need, I don’t want to fill my life with trinkets just because barter is cool.  As far as figuring out value, I’ve been mulling this over, wondering if I need to establish some sort of “unit of worth”, based on how many hours something takes to create, but for now I think I will leave each transaction up to individual negotiation. It sounds more fun, and I think we’ll learn more about each other if we have to share our process of creation in order to determine value. I am open to rethinking this as the project develops, we’ll just see what makes sense.

So –  here are the things I am good at and willing to offer as part of my barter project.

Web and print design
Hand made clothing  – from scratch or repair something you love  (Alas can’t accommodate leather)
Beautiful recycled things I find
Interior design
Home cooked meals – I am an outstanding cook
Recording services
Editing services
Music – recorded CDs or downloads
Music – live performance to spice up your event

I’ll try to have photos up within a month of the “things” I can offer, such as clothing, art, etc.

What I am interested in receiving:

Bags of groceries – food from your garden. (Not able to have my own garden until next spring)
Fresh eggs/meat from your farm
Baked bread
Handmade clothing, shoes
Handmade soap
Handmade candles, incense
Frequent flyer miles
Travel opportunities, i.e. places to stay
Silver or gold coin

I am also open to other ideas I may not have thought of.  And I’ll likely add to this list over time, but this will get the project started.  Let’s see what we can do!

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  1. Great post. YOu allow it to become seem so easy to share your experiences. I wish i could do as well on sharing on my site. I just got the idea started and sometimes feel stuck the amount to share or when it is the right thing to share with you. what to do?

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