Are you wondering what steps to take next in your business?  Do you long to revive your love life? Do you want to cultivate more purpose in your life?

Your future is not cast in stone, an unchangeable fate beyond your power to shape. You are the master of your destiny, quite capable of captaining your own pirate ship.

You just need fresh eyes on a situation from time to time, an outside perspective from someone who can help you discover the creative opportunities within a challenge.

The cards offer insight into what influences are at play in our lives. They offer keys as to which choices are likely to bear fruit and which are likely to lead nowhere, what to avoid for the time being, what strengths you have at your disposal, and how to best use those strengths to create your desired outcome. In short, the Tarot is an artful approach to crafting a life of intention!

Through careful contemplation of our choices and desires,  we can find our way to a life of meaning and beauty. Our lives become poetry when we learn to listen to the secret stirrings of our hearts.

That said, sometimes we get stuck. We get discouraged and doubt ourselves. Sometimes our vulnerabilities get the better of us, and blind us for a time as to the best course of action. During these times, having support from someone outside the situation can be helpful.

So, how does the tarot work?

The tarot helps us to commune with our lives from a place of intuition, using symbol to bring forth deeper patterns in our relationship with the world around us, and uncovering clues for how to best work within these patterns. We are in a perpetual dance with a living, sentient world, and Tarot is one of the languages we can use to communicate with this world.

I have been a tarot reader for over 25 years. In my practice, I have helped folks get clear about relationships, heal from family wounds, change direction in their businesses, and cultivate a sense of purpose in their lives.

It would be my honor to help you navigate your way to a life of increased joy, power, and beauty!

Are we on the same wavelength?

Great! Here’s how to work with me: 

  1. In-Person Reading
    A) Your House!
    I will come to you, within a 30 minute drive of Oakland, CA.
    These sessions are $125 an hour. ($100 plus $25 travel fee). To book: email sharon(at)sharonknight(dot)net to coordinate scheduling and payment details. Please put TAROT READING in the subject line.B) At the Raven’s Wing at 536 Grand Ave in Oakland.
    I read at the Raven’s Wing on Sundays and occasional weekdays.Book a session at the Raven’s Wing here:

    Readings at the Raven’s Wing are $100 an hour or $60 for 30 minutes.


  2. Online Reading via Skype or FB Messenger
    These sessions are one hour long, and include a photograph and notes to be emailed to you after the session. 

    These sessions are $100 an hour or $60 for 30 minutes. 

  3. Readings by Email
    You send me a detailed email of your station, and a selfie that you take while you are contemplating your situation.

    These sessions are $50 for a photo of your tarot spread and written notes on each card.
  4. Parties and Events!
    Yes, I will read for your special event! I will come festively attired, with cards and cloths to drape a small card table. I can also provide additional readers.These sessions are $125 per hour (per reader) with a 2 hour minimum. 

Ready to Book?

Send an email to sharon(at)sharonknight(dot)net to coordinate scheduling and payment details. Please put TAROT READING in the subject line.