Statement of Solidarity

T. Thorn Coyle and Brennos of Coru Cathubodua in Oakland, CA

I have been seeing statements in the Pagan community coming out in active support of people of color. Just now I have heard that people of color are asking for our overt support.

Here is mine:

On behalf of Winter, Paul, myself, our band Pandemonaeon, and our festival Hexenfest, I publicly state that we are 100% in support of the black and brown people in our community, and their struggle to overcome the obvious racial inequities within our justice system.

We want you to know that we see you, hear you, and are actively educating ourselves as to what your experience is. We are listening.

We are committed to calling out racism when we hear it spoken. We will do so firmly, with as much skill toward not triggering defensiveness as we can, that true dialog can happen. We will withdraw our support from any person or organization who continues to demonstrate racist behavior even after genuine discourse has been attempted. We are committed to challenging racial stereotypes as they come up, within ourselves as well as our communities.

We will continue to educate ourselves, and share what we are learning. We will continue to listen to the voices of color in our communities, and to remain open to to further ways in which we can support you.

We do not want these militarized police. We will not stay silent.

We know there are good cops. We know that all lives matter. However, we will not diminish the discourse that needs to happen right now by stating these obvious facts. Right now, the emphasis needs to be on the frequency with which black and brown lives are discarded, not only by police but by those of us who remain complicit by justifying police brutality with racial stereotypes.

We care about you and will stand for you. Black and brown lives matter to us.

Sincerely, Sharon, Winter, and Paul, representing Pandemonaeon and Hexenfest.