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For folks near Dover, DE, I want to let you know I will be offering this workshop in May. Also if you are curious about my Sonic Alchemy work this is a good description. This event is being hosted by Bell, Book and Candle, and a link to purchase tickets is provided at the end of the description.

Sonic Alchemy  and the Sovereignty of True Will

Friday May 6th 7 pm – 9 pm & Saturday May 7th from 10:00 am – 4 pm with breaks

This will be held at Seelie Court near Georgetown, DE – Not at the store – Directions will be given to registrants

What is True Will and how can we manifest it?  How can we bring a deeper sense of meaning and destiny to our lives? How can we use sound and music to empower the most authentic parts of ourselves?

Using symbol to invoke powerful ideas, and using tone and musical vibration to deeply imprint these ideas, we awaken the Mighty within us. In so doing, we  cultivate a sense of purpose and promote a life that lives like an epic journey, where a destiny uniquely our own unfolds before us.  This workshop incorporates elements of Sharon’s “Waking the Mythic Soul” and “Musecraft” workshops, and will explore mythic arcs such as the Stone of Destiny, the Hero’s Journey, and the Grail of Renewal, as well as sonic resonance and re-patterning in the form of toning, chanting, and acutonics.  Using song, movement, touch, trance journeying, and acutonic therapy (tuning forks used in conjunction with acupressure meridians) we will explore and deepen these mythic arcs within us. Together we strive to uncover and solidify the grace of our own sovereignty while promoting the rights of others to find their own.

Bio: Sharon Knight has been a magickal practitioner for over 27 years.  She is a professional musician and level 5 Acutonics practitioner. She has been combining the twin disciplines of magick and music for many years, culminating in this powerful and vibrant practice.  Sharon’s approach to practice is that of a modern day alchemist, striving to transform the lead of habitual thinking into the gold of illumined awareness via the use of symbol, sound, and ritual.  She teaches and performs nationally.

I will also be offering private Harmonic Bodywork Therapy sessions (based on Acutonics) throughout the following week.
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Tickets are $150 for the event and can be purchased here:

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