Sonic Alchemy is where we play together to craft your song - where we sing, dance, drum, and make music and magic and powerful shifts in your life. Sonic Alchemy is where we shake the soul of the world!

Sonic Alchemy is a process of transformation using music as the catalyst. We start with the premise that, like a musical instrument, we can go “out of tune”. When we do, we lose our sense of connection and purpose, and life loses its glimmer. Sonic Alchemy rekindles our song, that we may regain a sense of harmony in our lives and our world. 

Sonic Alchemy addresses 3 questions:

What makes me come alive?

What changes do I wish to see in the world?

How can I merge these two things to craft a life of joy, adventure and purpose for myself, my family, and my world?

Sonic Alchemy engages the power of song to delve into these questions. Using music and sound, voice and drumming, symbol and story, creative ritual, deep visioning, audacious imagining, and anything else that’s useful in the moment, we endeavor to stir, awaken, and inspire that deeply vibrant, free-flowing fount of unstoppable life force that is each of us unbound.

Sonic Alchemy is currently offered exclusively throught the Ring of Enchantment. Check it out!

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