Shaking the Soul of the World

You know that feeling when your heart is crushed under the weight of the world, and you think you will fall to your knees, or curl up in a ball, or hide under the blankets and never come out? So you drink 4 vodka martinis and watch X-files reruns until you pass out? But then you have to go deal with life, and you aren’t sure how you are going to do that because you aren’t even sure you can move, but you manage to crawl over to your ipod and find your favorite song, and then you hit “play” and you start singing to it, and at first it almost hurts because your heart is so jammed shut,  so afraid to feel anything,  but you keep singing and gradually you start to breathe more deeply, and your chest starts to open, and you feel a little uplifted because your blood is infused with oxygen, and it starts to become easier to sing, and then there’s that one part in the song where the melody is so sweepingly beautiful, and just the perfect range for your voice, and the lyrics just hit the nail on the head, so you sing along, and your heart cracks open and you start to soar, and then you burst into tears because you’ve been holding it all inside for so long and it is such a relief to just let go and let yourself be carried away by the power of the song, feeling all the emotion that the artist was feeling, and sharing that moment with the artist as you sing together in harmony and union, and the shackles of your self-imposed prison start to tremble and and then shatter completely, and you feel truly free again?

Well, I want to do that with you.

Sonic Alchemy, available wherever I go.


In Santa Cruz, CA, April 20th – Feri Friday:

In Denver, CO, May 15th: 

Book a Sonic Alchemy Singing Circle in your Home: contact

Check my tour schedule to see where I’ll be when. If I am not on tour, I am in the San Francisco Bay Area. And I am ready to sing with you. All the time, any time.

4 thoughts on “Shaking the Soul of the World

  1. Love hearing you. But it looks like will be on my ipod, since you won’t be in my area.

    But that sculpture in the picture, AWESOME. Who, What, Where?

  2. This workshop will be an amazing experience. I can only say that spending a day singing and vibing with Sharon would uplift anyone’s spirits and help them let their voices ring loud, clear and free.

  3. I think you just *did* do that with me somehow. Even though you aren’t here and I’m not listening to your music at the moment. Whew! Woman, your words just rocked it! Keep those run on sentences running!

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