Hey beautifuls –

I have been toying with the idea of creating art that goes with our songs for a while now, and here is a piece I did based on Star of the Sea.

I am curious – if I were to print this up as 11 x 17 posters with the lyrics, would you want one? I’d probably sell them for $10.

But I don’t want to make stuff no one wants, so I figured I’d ask. ;+)

Star of the Sea

For that matter, I could also do something with these two, for Fierce Black Soul of Night.
I would print 25 each of one of them, with all or part of the lyrics. And I’d print 25 of the Star of the Sea. Or just 50 of Star of the Sea. Whichever most folks think they’d like best.

Let me know if you like this idea enough to buy one. If enough folks are interested, I’ll get them printed. And I’ll gladly sign them for you too, if you like. :+)

Fierce Black Soul of Night
Muse of midnight, rise within - rip the soul right from my skin - I take refuge in the fierce black soul of night!

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  1. Fierce Night of the Soul is awesome – would make such a great T-shirt or mug as well (in case you’re up for Cafe Press/Zazzle type printing). Good luck with expanding your offerings.

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