Song-A-Week Songwriting Challenge – March Review


I did it. I got my songs written for this month’s Song-A-Week review. I was hoping to write 6 to catch up from last month, wherein Hexenfest (our first annual self-produced festival) ate my life. But frankly it is all I can do to write 4 a month so I think I am going to have to change my perspective a bit. Rather than making up the songs I missed, I think I need to be okay with the idea that I fell down, but can can get back up again and resume where I was.

On that note, here they are. Enjoy!

(One quick reminder – please don’t share these, as they are very rough sketches, just meant for my community here as a way to share in the artistic process. I’d hate to develop a reputation as a sloppy musician were these released into the wild, as it were).

Slippers of Rose – This one is the belle of the ball for me, and will be on my next album for sure. I wrote it as part of a songwriting challenge I came across online called Song Fu. I figured, since I was already doing a songwriting challenge for myself, I may as well participate in a larger group. Amanda Palmer issued the theme for this challenge, and it was “Write a song about something you lost that you know you’ll never get back. Have it be about an object and then veer into the metaphysical if you want”. So this song is about a pair of ballet slippers I had when I was a young girl, and how they have come to represent my connection with my Dad, and wanting him to be proud of me.  It is about lost chances, and the passing of time. Now that my Dad has passed, anything that was left unsaid can never be spoken. Writing this was very powerful for me, and Winter liked it enough to want to add to it right away, so you’ve got a bit of his mojo here as well. Here t’is: Slippers-of-Rose-033112

Porcelain Princess – Here is a song about being invisible, something that we all feel from time to time. It is the story of a marionette who comes to life each night when her puppet master brings her out to dance on the stage. His attention makes her feel alive, and if only he could truly acknowledge her, see her for what she is inside, she would come to life permanently and be his love. I think this song needs a bridge and one last chorus before it is album-ready, but this is what I’ve got for now. Porcelain Princess

Freedom of the Fall – Here is a Pandemonaeon song written especially for the Pagans. We debuted it at Hexenfest, and in our minds it’s sort of the “anthem” of Hexenfest. It’s about our worldview as Pagans, how we reject the notion that we fell from heaven out of sin, but in fact find our “fall” quite liberating. Our manifestation on this earth is cause for celebration!  Does this song describe you? If so, then I raise a glass of strong wine in your honor. Freedom-of-the-Fall-031712

Sonic Alchemy Alignment – Hell yeah I’m counting this as a song! It is a composed piece of music after all, and took me well over 10 hours to create it. Check it out and read the instructions for how to best experience it. I think you will find it quite relaxing and centering. I am excited about developing this dimension to my work! Listen here:

Speaking of Sonic Alchemy – I created another Sonic Alchemy meditation specifically for anxiety relief. So really I managed to write 5 pieces of music this month. (Maybe I will catch up after all!) However, I am not releasing this one yet, as I’ve created it for Veda Sun’s Anxiety Busting Virtual Retreat, and want that group to have it first.  (If you struggle with anxiety and want to make a commitment to getting it under control, check out Gina Rafkind and Veda Sun. If you sign up for the virtual retreat, you’ll get the Sonic Alchemy meditation as a bonus).

Alright lovies! That’s the news, them’s the songs, and as always, I invite you to let me know your impressions of them in the comments, and also offer ideas for songs for the next month. Thanks for playing the game with me!

6 thoughts on “Song-A-Week Songwriting Challenge – March Review

  1. Enjoyed them all! Since I am getting old and farty, would probly like Freedom of the Fall best if it was a more acoustic version, but in those versions my fave was Slippers of Rose. I was never my dad’s princess but I’m glad you were yours! XXX

  2. These all totally rocked!
    I liked Freedom of the Fall the way it was, but am open to hearing it other ways. Porcelain Princess had a nice edge to it and Slippers of Rose just made me want to cry.

  3. Really enjoyed “Slippers of Rose”, lovely – and those oh-so-subtle background vocals (Winter’s voice)? are a nice touch…in any case, I guess there’s something poignant to me if those background vocals are male..since “father” is a presence in the song.

    Thanks very much for writing “Freedom of the Fall” was a song I guess I really needed to hear today & I loved it ! 🙂 Blessings.

  4. Thank you so much for weighing in, everyone! It means a lot to me to have you participate in this. And I am really glad you are liking the songs. I am looking forward to recording these all proper-like on my next album.

  5. Late on commenting, but wanted to say, as usual love them all (have not experienced the sonic alchemy yet). It’s a very close tie between Slippers of Rose and Freedom of the Fall, and both bring out very powerful emotions for me. Slippers of Rose is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.

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