Sometimes, You Just Need To Go In The Blanket Fort

Blanket-FortYou know. I am just going to say it. This week, I hit a wall. I have been feeling frustrated and discouraged as to how to move my grand mission forward. It all feels like it’s growing too slowly, yet screaming louder doesn’t seem an effective solution.  I’ve been feeling stuck, invisible, and not sure what to try next.

And so – I am trying nothing. I am temporarily abandoning all my “Goals”.  I am just doing what I damn well feel like, and that has been creating art. I laughed so hard when I saw this picture of the blanket fort, because that is how I have spent the last several days. Snuggled under my covers, drawing and painting and watching Photoshop tutorials. (Well okay, no actual painting went on under my covers, that happened at the dining room table. I am hoping to stay married, after all).

It has been utterly therapeutic to take a few days away from my usual endeavor of “Growing a Music Career”, and all the hustle and strategizing and brainstorming and hard work that entails, let alone trying to find enough creativity to write new songs. I melted down and said “Fuck it, I’m not doing anything”. But I did end up doing something. And it  reminded me of how I used to go on Artist Dates, as part of the Artist’s Way program, and how rejuvenating that was for me.

I haven’t wanted to share this, I suppose because in some part of my goal-oriented Capricorn brain, I felt ashamed. Like I was giving up the good fight. Copping out somehow. But this morning I realized – this is part of the process. This is how I replenish the fountain. And I remembered – I have always had these periods, where exploring creativity from a completely different angle helps me to shake loose from a rut.

Sometimes you have to just stop hammering on stuff and go in the blanket fort. You know?

So – what do you guys do when you need to go in the blanket fort? What replenishes you?

8 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Just Need To Go In The Blanket Fort

  1. I watch old reruns of comedy shows like Bob Newhart and 3rd Rock from the Sun. Buy a yummy bath bomb and enjoy it fully before laying myself down on a comfy spot for awesome rounds of restorative deep concentration meditation. Sharon I’m glad you posted this blog. Frustration and discouragement, as well as burnout and depletion are valid experiences of the ambitious.self-starting.entrepreneurial artist. The work is never going to be caught up, let alone done, so we might as well take some joyful rest along the way. Only makes the work that much better~!

  2. I practice playing bagpipes and pennywhistle songs, oh, and of course watch zombie movies.

  3. Dirt work indeed! That is a good one! Paul Nordin may be glad to know, I am planning some dirt therapy soon by pulling up last year’s garden. Maybe even this weekend. And – Paul Nordin – you know zombie movies are on this evening’s agenda, I am sure. I don’t know what it is about creating art, pulling up weeds, and hacking up zombies, but it is a winning combo.

  4. And – thanks for your comment too Roseanne. A bath bomb sounds lovely! I am glad I shared this too. Sometimes you just gotta admit, you have vulnerable times.

  5. I know what you mean. I sometimes have bed days where I do nothing but sew and watch movies, or else while away time reading Celtic mythology, or something. Being on the run and under the gun all the time takes a toll and we have to give ourselves breaks.

    And yes, to giving yourself time to be creative – I really think that feeds everything we do. I have set a new weekday schedule for myself where the first 2 hours of my day are dance or martial arts practice, meditation and breakfast, and then the next 2-3 hours are for art and design. Sometimes the artwork is commission work, but even if I don’t have a commission, I am setting aside that time for art. The deluge of emails and tasks and errands and obligations have to wait until after lunch.

    I feel like this keeps all my creative work more fresh and vital, and since I’m relying on creative work for my living, that is really important and actually not self-indulgent at all. We can get caught up in all the hustle aspects of running a business, like the need to self-promote, and monetize, and publicize, and correspond and plan. But all of that is supposed to be serving the art, not the other way round. So we have to give ourselves permission to prioritize the creative work.

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