Come sing with me! Let’s explore using voice as a path to personal discovery! Let us travel to the far reaches of this beautiful, terrible world, and sing songs to her with utter abandon!

Singing shifts things inside us in profound ways. It frees our spirit, invigorates us with oxygen, and touches the deepest core of our emotions. Singing helps us to control our breath, quelling anxiety and opening us to inspiration. Imagine if we were to sing with focused intention to gain insight into our lives.

That is exactly what I help people do in my body of work, “Resonance”.

Resonance is a process of self-discovery which uses song as the catalyst to help you to get clear on what truly matters to you, and get fearless in acting on those things. By bringing ourselves into resonance with our deepest desires, we find pathways to deeper meaning and purpose, infusing our lives with poetry, and leaving a legacy worthy of our greatest imaginings.

Want to sing your way to a life rich with passion, purpose, love, abundance, and meaning?

YES! Please notify me about upcoming Resonance retreats, online classes, workshops, and One-on-One sessions!