Portals Insight: A Heartfelt Message

Sharon Knight and Winter.  Photo: PixievisionProductions.com
Sharon Knight and Winter.
Photo: PixievisionProductions.com

If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution – Emma Goldman

Our crowd funding efforts are in the final stretch, and before they end, I thought I’d share a bit about why this project is important to me.  I have featured many of the Portals artists on my blog but I haven’t featured Winter and I, and what is driving us to do this.

So here goes!

Over the course of our touring life, we have shared stages with many amazing musicians, and numerous times we have sat in on each other’s sets to make a special synergy that only exists in that moment. We have supported each other with show leads or warnings, places to stay, and boosting each others’ signal on important projects. In short, we have formed a sort of informal musician’s guild.

This is cool as hell.

This is an example, on a small scale, of how a healthy society can work. About how people can band together to make things better for the entire group. Artists typically lead precarious lives, and when we all throw in together, it makes it better for all of us. And it makes it better for the fans, because with support, more musicians you love don’t give up when the road seems fraught with peril.

We thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could showcase our small but mighty musician’s guild in album form?” If we crowdfunded it, all the musicians involved would get paid. We’d all be signal boosting each other as part of the process, and we’d get to create together. Everybody wins. Not just the artists, but the fans of these artists as well.

Thus Portals was born, as a traveling ‘Carnivale of Mystery’,  a theme we myth-based artists live every day.

The campaign ends Monday night at 11:59pm.

We have made a big play, shooting for $20,000. We wanted to tell the world, “Look, we take this project seriously. We want to do something at a higher level than we ever have before”.  We still need $7700. Will we make it? It will take a big push in the final hours, but I’ve seen these things shoot up dramatically at the last minute to meet their goal.

Right now every dollar that comes in goes toward the music video. It is our hope that it can happen in keeping with our original vision.

In our final few hours, Winter and I are asking that you please share our link far and wide, with a few words on why you support the project. Let’s see if we can get this project all the way funded, and be one of those 11th hour success stories.

We’ve got until Monday at 11:59pm.

For your convenience, the link is http://www.sharonknightportals.net

Thank you for your support!