Portals Featured Sponsor: Serpent’s Kiss Magick Shop

Serpent's Kiss - what a beautiful store!
Serpent’s Kiss – what a beautiful store!

It’s time for our next Portals featured sponsor! This one is going to write itself because I have loved these folks for many years now: Susan Diamond and Shimmering Wolf of Serpent’s Kiss in Santa Cruz.

These folks are awesome. Genuine. Full of magic. Drenched with life and spirit and adventure. And successful owners of one of my favorite magic shops!

Susan and Wolf are seemingly tireless, and like all the other Portals sponsors, very committed to building community. They host numerous classes and events, including concerts. Winter and I have played Serpent’s Kiss many times, as has Wendy Rule and SJ Tucker.

They are the creators of the New Orleans Folk Magic Festival, Conjure Con, Conjure Craft, and Witches in the Woods. They have a multi-room store that offers magical supplies from a wide range of traditions, with an emphasis on Hoodoo and root work. They offer candles, oils, incense, stones, books, statuary, and clothes, among many other things.

People I love: That’s Susan and Wolf on the right. Along with Didi, Orion Foxwood, and Star Casas.

They also host the popular Redwood Nights drum circle, on a gorgeous, secluded slice of the Santa Cruz mountains. Creating events that give their community unforgettable experiences is a strong suit for Susan and Wolf. They instigated an excursion just recently that ended up being one of the highlights of my life so far; a whale watch that closed out the Conjure Craft weekend, wherein we spent about 20 minutes amidst a giant pod of dolphins. It was so beautiful, I wept. Susan, being my mermaid sister, wept too. (I almost begged off this trip, and Susan would not let me wiggle out of it. A fact for which I am profoundly grateful!)

Susan really does feel like a sister and kindred spirit to me. She is very much a mermaid girl. She looks like Stevie Nicks and dresses like a beach combing bohemian. I love her style. Her magical philosophy is akin to my own as well; that to work magic is to delve into the deep sea of Dream, and thus, sea magic is very relevant to the practice of magic as a whole. As you know, sea magic is very close to my heart. There is talk of Susan and I teaming up to offer a week of sea magic and song in Hawai’i! Both of us are the type who love to plot and scheme endlessly about amazing experiences we can create and share with our clan. Mwahaha!

If you love witchy sea priestesses and the magic they make, get yourself to Santa Cruz and check out Serpent’s Kiss. Hook up with their community and stay in the loop about when we are all going to Hawai’i!

Serpent’s Kiss
2015 N Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


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