Portals Featured Sponsor: Purlescence Yarns

When I was in the midst of the Portals crowd funding campaign, my favorite part was shining a light on the various artists who are participating. When the campaign needed a boost, I offered the Film Sponsorship level to select businesses, folks whom I felt exemplified the Portals vision in their own work. This “Featured Sponsor” series will showcase each participant and the contribution they make to our communities.

Our second Portals sponsor is Purlescence Yarns!

yarn bowl
Purlescence Yarns, 564 S. Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

I met the dynamic duo of Kaye and Sandi Luck at a weekend workshop on resilience. Several members of their community were at the event, spinning, knitting, and making all sorts of amazing things out of yarn. I was impressed with their ability to build community; they already had most of the things we were exploring in the workshop underway!

Based on what I saw, it surprised me not at all to find out that Sandi and Kaye run a successful fiber arts business. If the projects I saw are any indication, they have a playful – and downright witchy – approach to crafting things with fiber.

Let’s meet them, shall we?

Sandi is on the left, Kaye on the right.
Sandi is on the left, Kaye on the right.

Quoth Kaye: “We are Purlescence Yarns, a pagan, queer owned fiber arts store.  We specialize in hand spinning, weaving, knitting, crochet and felting.  We carry a large line of spinning wheels and looms as well as many fair traded or locally produced yarns and tools.  We teach anything we do.  We are focused on teaching a clear understanding of the craft, and we want our customers to be able to take care of their equipment as well.”

Sounds like fun! I’ve been intrigued by felting lately, and would love to take a class or two!

They describe themselves as “mad spinners and weavers”, promoting their philosophy of “fiber arts as meditation –  especially spinning, as it has a natural rhythm that lends itself to meditating”.  Indeed when I spent that weekend with them, their mad spinning brought to mind the Norns, spinning worlds into existence as they turned wool into yarn, yarn into stunning garments. What worlds might you weave for yourself, as you contemplate life’s deeper mysteries through creative trance?

The Purlescence Living Room!
The Purlescence Living Room! The banner in the background was created by their customers.

The allure of thriving creative community has thoroughly captured my heart, as you well know, so naturally this is something that really resonates with me about the Purlescence gals.  They teach classes, host knit-alongs and craft nights, and even have a dedicated community area, which they call “The Living Room”.

Says Kaye, “We are in this to create space for each person who comes through our doors to be the best person they can be”.

In my book, working with the arts is a fine way to become the best person you can be!

BONUS: Sandi and Kaye introduced me to the work of Nathaniel Johnstone and Abney Park. Nathaniel, as you may know, is now lending his talents to Portals. On spins the web of connection!

Here are some more pictures of Purlescence, simply because they are nifty!

Shop WheelsShop Living Room






Shop Looms










Want to visit Purlescence Yarns and learn to spin your own fate?

If you find yourself in Sunnyvale, you’re in luck! They can also be found online.

Shop Front

564 S. Murphy Ave
Sunnyvale, CA 94086





I sure am having fun shining a light on all these fabulous folks and their offerings to the world. I hope you are enjoying reading about them. Discovering new people doing cool things is one of the best parts of life!


Each of these Portals sponsors has been hand selected by me as someone I would feel proud to showcase. They will each be getting a feature here over the next few months. Click the banners to visit their pages.

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