Portals Featured Sponsor: John Beckett

When I was in the midst of the Portals crowd funding campaign, my favorite part was shining a light on the various artists who are participating. When the campaign needed a boost, I offered the Film Sponsorship level to select businesses, folks who I felt exemplified the Portals vision in their own work. This “Featured Sponsor” series will showcase each participant and the contribution they make to our communities.

The inimitable Mr. John Beckett.

Our first featured sponsor is Mr. John Beckett! Let me start by saying that John jumped in as a supporter of Portals before I began offering it as a business perk. So he didn’t even realize he’d be getting a spiffy write-up. He’s getting one nonetheless.

John Beckett is a Druid, and a Pagan blogger on Patheos. He has been one of my favorite Pagan bloggers for  some time now, and one of the few I consistently read.

His blog, Under the Ancient Oaks, is a fine example of thoughtful Paganism. He has a reverence for the natural world and the mystery of the Gods that comes across as deep, genuine, and full of wonder, without resorting to fluffy woo terms that don’t mean much. Here is a rational man who nevertheless views his world as infused with Gods and spirits. John Beckett’s world is alive and worthy of devotion. His commitment to Pagan ideals and honoring the earth as a living entity have been consistently inspiring to me.

If one were to ask me what my own world view is, I could easily take the lazy way out and direct them to John’s blog. As a woman who’s perspective is very much inspired by pre-Christian Celtic thought, the Druidic stance is one akin to my own. In keeping with our compatible world-views, John featured my song Fire in the Head on his blog at one point as we were becoming friends.

Some posts of his that have particularly inspired me are:

Advice to a Young Pagan

There is no Supernatural

Hold Loosely but Practice Deeply

I admire John’s service to his Gods and the living world of nature. I admire his commitment to community. I admire the thought and passion he puts into his blog and into his priestcraft. Folks interested in modern Paganism, and indeed the inner wellspring from which Winter I draw much of our music, would do well to check out Under the Ancient Oaks.

It is my great honor to draw your attention to the work of John Beckett. Thank you, John, for the work you do!



Each of these Portals sponsors has been hand selected by me as someone I would feel proud to showcase. They will each be getting a feature here over the next few months. Click the banners to visit their pages.