Portals Featured Sponsor: Ancient Ways

Our penultimate Portals sponsor has been a pillar of the Bay Area Pagan community for decades. As the producer of the most highly attended Pagan gathering in the USA (and possibly the world), Pantheacon, you could say that Glenn Turner knows a thing or two about building community. Since that is the central theme of Portals, it is my great pleasure to introduce you to Ancient Ways, “Oakland’s favorite Pagan metaphysical store and candle shop”.

Ancient Ways has been a metaphysical destination in Oakland since before I became interested in such things, and that was some time ago! I remember, in days of yore, heading out with a friend for a day of adventure we called “Occult Bookstore Day”. We’d hit Field’s Books, Curios and Candles, and The Sword and Rose in San Francisco, and sometimes the Psychic Eye as well, but generally we preferred our occult stores a little less corporate. From there, we’d head over to the East Bay to visit Ancient Ways, along with a few others tucked under freeways or down alleys.

30 years later, Ancient Ways is the only one still standing.

To what might we attribute Ancient Ways’ success? I believe it is the strength of community building that makes or breaks any business. And Glenn Turner, the shop’s proprietress, has been doing that since she founded the Ancient Ways Festival at Harbin Hot Springs in the late 80’s. I have a special place in my heart for Glenn and her efforts to bring people together, for the Ancient Ways Festival was my entry point into this wacky world of witchery, and I haven’t looked back since. Much of the support Winter and I receive for our music comes out of the the Pagan community, and I thank Glenn for opening that door. The Ancient Ways/Pantheacon clan remains my core community to this day.

So what nifty things can you find at the Ancient Ways store? Well,  they’ve got a large selection of metaphysical staples: candles, oils, incense, and herbs, with skilled practitioners on hand to help you use them effectively. There is an entire wall of books, as well as jewelry, statuary, clothing, and tarot cards; they’ve got a full arsenal of tools for the modern practitioner of arts arcane.

They also offer readings every day. Of particular interest to me is the spiritual consultations offered by none other than the legendary Luisah Teish. Luisah is a well respected Yoruba priestess and author, and has been an icon here in the Bay Area for as long as I can remember. From the description on the Ancient Ways website, these readings go deep. Be prepared to delve into your soul’s journey!

If you find yourself near Oakland, pop in and infuse your life with magic!

You can visit Ancient Ways at:
4075 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609

And of course, we’d all love to see you at Pantheacon!


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