Portals Featured Artist: Tim Rayborn

Tim Rayborn. Photo: Paul Nordin
Tim Rayborn. Photo: Paul Nordin

Tim Rayborn plays everything, including several instruments you have never heard of. He is a medieval scholar (Leeds University), and has toured extensively through Europe and the United States with several early music ensembles. He has appeared on over 30 recordings to date, including Pandemonaeon’s Dangerous Beauty, and Winter’s and my last album, Neofolk Romantique.

Tim specializes in early music not only from Europe but well into the Middle East. He is also an excellent singer.

We met Tim through the Middle Eastern dance community, and he joined Pandemonaeon for awhile. It was during the time when Caith was also in Pandemonaeon, and those two together were a non-stop humor train.

In addition to his solo work, he co-directs the medieval ensemble Cançonièr with recorder virtuoso Annette Bauer, performs with Celtic harpist Patrick Ball, and regularly works with Shira Kammen.

Tim has a penchant for storytelling, and has created several popular shows based on historic characters and legends throughout history. Project names include “The Black Dragon: Music from the Time of Vlad Dracula” (Cançonièr) and “The Far Famed Ones – Poetry and Music of the Vikings” (Music Sources Concert Series – solo show).

In short, Tim is a great guy, with a dark sense of humor and a flair for musical performance, and we look forward to working with him again!

Check him out shredding on saz here:

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