Portals Featured Artist: Nathaniel Johnstone

Nathaniel Johnstone
Nathaniel Johnstone, charming the masses!

This is Nathaniel Johnstone. Most well-known for his work with Abney Park, Nathaniel is a multi-instrumentalist who won my heart when he and his partner Tempest performed at Hexenfest. His sweet and melancholy violin playing struck me as a cross between classical discipline and Eastern European joy de vivre. We loved his style instantly, and knew that he would be perfect for Portals.

He’s got an old world carnival vibe in dress as well as musical and visual style, and he’s got a down to earth personality, which makes him a joy to work with. He’s also a great showman, with a healthy enthusiasm for the spirit of collaboration. All of which make him a perfect Portals artist!

Nathaniel will be playing on Slippers of Rose, a song that is very dear to my heart, as it was written for my Dad shortly after his passing. We rarely play it live, it is so intimate, but we have decided to share it with the world through the Portals project, and I am so glad to have Nathaniel’s talents in bringing to life the mingled sweetness, sorrow, and nostalgia of the song.

His partner, Tempest, is also known as Laura Tempest Zakroff, and will be a featured visual artist in the Portals art book, offered as a stretch goal in the Portals Project.

I couldn’t find a live show video that does Nathaniel justice on violin, so I give you this Game of Thrones theme song rendition, which features his violin work prominently. We are playful here at Camp Portals!

You can also hear more of Nathaniel on Bandcamp:

(Hey that song would do well paired with a Pandemonaeon set!)

And of course, on his own website:


As you can see, Nathaniel is one more reason why Portals is going to KICK ASS!