Portals Featured Artist: Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott studiously taking notes.
Mark Abbott studiously taking notes.

You may recognise Mark Abbott as Pandemonaeon’s illustrious drummer. Mark is funny, smart, and doesn’t shy away from an odd time signature. He’s done us boatloads of favors over the years and we really want to make sure he gets both recognition and pay for being the backbone of Portals.

Drummers are too often the unsung heroes in bands, with guitarists and lead vocalists getting the lion’s share of the attention. The Portals album is going to be dripping with talented guest musicians, all of whom have made a name for themselves in the indie music world, and they deserve a rhythm man who can provide the groove that will inspire their mojo.

Mark Abbott is that man. And he deserves every bit the sparkle that some of our more recognizable names get.

As the drummer in indie rock band Box Set, Mark has bona fide rock star cred, traveling the world and living what for many is the ultimate dream. All due to his rocking chops! He keeps the backbeat for us not only on Portals, but in Pandemonaeon, and in a variety of sessions in EMB Studios. If you liked Pandemonaeon’s Dangerous Beauty album, that was Mark on drums.

The easiest – and most relevant to Portals – way to showcase his talents is to post our Pandemonaeon montage video. Check out his chops, and then please join me in ensuring we can give the lad a decent honorarium for giving Portals its groove!