Portals Featured Artist: Dan Cantrell

Dan Cantrell.
Dan Cantrell.

Of all of the Portals artists, Dan Cantrell is the one I know the least. Although Winter has worked with Dan on a few projects, I have only met him once, when he was sitting in with Stellamara. His circus-like vibe and playing style captured my imagination, and I immediately knew I wanted him to play on Porcelain Princess. I introduced myself after the show and told him as much. He was the first guest artist we knew we wanted, so in a way, he started the whole idea of Portals as a window into the talents of a variety of artists.

Dan’s style is very “old world carnival”, with a strong Balkan and Klezmer influence. He has played music with Tom Waites, Beats Antique, Stellamara, and Fishtank Ensemble, as well as bellydance superstars Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, and Elizabeth Strong. He has had music in numerous films and TV shows, and has done an admirable job crafting a career for himself out of strange music.

When your music is as ‘off the beaten path’ as Dan’s is, the best way to be successful is to be damned good at what you do. This strategy has worked quite well for Dan!

You can look forward to his carnival whimsey on Portals by year’s end!

Here he is playing with some outstanding musicians and bellydancers:

You can learn more about Dan and his music here:


Dan’s feature concludes our Portals Featured Artist series, and as the artist who first sparked the “carnival of mystery” theme to our next album, he brings this series full circle.

I have enjoyed presenting the talents of these fine artists to you, quite a bit! Thanks for reading along!

Now it’s time to sink into my favorite part – creating the music!

We are so very excited about Portals! We’d be delighted if you would make your pledge now! The more money we can make up front, the less we will need to rely on banks and credit cards and gnawing uncertainty. All of which will help the Portals ship sail smoothly and efficiently toward completion.