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Help us make something amazing, that supports an entire community of inspiring artists!

For as long as I can remember, I have yearned to be part of a thriving artists’ community, one that lifts each other up and shines a light on each another’s talents. With the Portals project, we plan to do just that.

Imagine, if you will: An otherworldly carnival, traveling in and out of mystery, magic, the unexplained. You feel the hair raise on the back of your neck as a motley band of skillful and possibly dangerous musicians brandish their bows, their voices, their tambourines, and open portals to the realms of the fantastical! You thrill to the charms of seductive sirens, pixie pirates, steampunk sailors, metal warriors, witches and wanderlings, as a mighty cast of characters wield their mightiest mojo in a Theatre of Enchantment crafted to delight and awe!

Introducing Portals, the latest studio album by internationally touring musicians Sharon Knight and Winter!

We want to do something grand! And we want you to be a part of it!

Our last recording, Neofolk Romantique, featured a pared down, intimate, acoustic sound, representative of our duet performances. Portals is envisioned as a traveling Carnivale of Curios, boasting a large cast of characters comprised of many of our touring musician friends, people we share the road with throughout the year. Through this project, we hope to convey to our listeners the feel of life on the road, part of a traveling circus of performers who live in the realms of magic every day.

Portals will be a gorgeously produced album with a lush, full band sound, presented in an artful trifold ecopack CD jacket with a multipage lyric booklet. We envision a folk-world fusion sound in the style of Loreena McKennit and Faun, with a bit of Americana grit mixed in, a la The Civil Wars. Siren Song and Snake Oil, if you will.

We will seal the presentation with a professionally produced music video of one of our most popular tour songs, Porcelain Princess!

We have cinematographer Paul Nordin, of EMB Studios, on board to film our video! His cinematography is world class (he just did a movie with Fairuza Balk, yo), and we’ve already come up with a concept that I am very excited about! Want to get psyched about how gorgeous this video will be? Check out his reel, here:

If funds permit, we will also create a hardcopy art book featuring original art from several myth-inspired artists, as well as lyrics and stories about the songs. A true collectors’ item!

So that we may do this in style, we are launching a crowd funding campaign on Friday Feb. 13th, and we invite you to join us! Be part of this project and get exclusive art and insider participation just for funders!

And if you are at Pantheacon, we invite you to the Portals Crowdfunding Kickoff party! Room 263 at the Doubletree (In the Hexenfest hospitality room) Friday the 13th of Feb 6:00pm – 8pm. 

Musicians already on board:

SJ Tucker  (Tricky Pixie)
Betsy Tinney (Tricky Pixie)
Alexander James Adams (Tricky Pixie)
Sonja Drakulich (Faun, Stellamara)
Dan Cantrell  (Beats Antique, Fishtank Ensemble, Stellamara)
Nathaniel Johnstone (Nathaniel Johnstone Band, Abney Park)
Caith Threefires (Pandemonaeon, Heather Dale Band, Tempest)
Tim Rayborn (Pandemonaeon)
Mark Abbott (Pandemonaeon, Box Set, The Fall Risk)

Visual Artists already on board (Art Book Only):

Morpheus Ravenna
Laura Tempest Zakroff
Valerie Herron
Shauna Aura Knight

(We’ll invite others if there is enough support for this).

So – what do we need to raise?

$20,000 will get us a fully produced, designed, and manufactured CD with guest musicians AND a stellar music video!

$25,000 will get us more guest musicians and more wiggle room with the video. And Sonja Drakulich will co-produce one of the songs with us!

$30,000 brings it into the visual arts, with the companion Art Book featuring the art of several artists from our creative community!

Are you with us?

How you can help:

1) Stay tuned for the Indiegogo launch on Friday Feb. 13th, and make your pledges early to help us build momentum! We’d love to have a third of our goal met by the close of Pantheacon weekend!

2) If you are on Facebook, can you commit to making a pledge of $65 or more on launch weekend by clicking “going” on this Facebook event?


3) Share this link with all who you think would love this project!



Everybody loves the perks, and indeed they are what make the world of crowd funding go ’round!

Here is what we have lined up for you. Something else you’d like to see? We are open to suggestions up until about Feb. 10th, when we need to get all this plugged into Indiegogo and ready for the PantheaCon Kickoff.

1) NEW SONGS – $7.00
You get two brand new songs currently only available to my Patreon subscribers. (Yes, I have a Patreon account.) Plus warm fuzzy gratitude beams send from my heart to yours. This is a good choice if you are tight on funds but still really want to be part of the Portals project.

This is a pre-order level. If you know you are going to buy our newest album, pre-order it through the campaign and we’ll throw in the 2 Patreon songs and the gratitude beams!

This is the pre-order level for a signed hardcopy CD. It also includes the download and lyric PDF. If you know you are going to buy our newest album, pre-order it through the campaign and we’ll throw in the 2 Patreon songs and the gratitude beams!

4) KEYS TO MY HEART – $65.00
This level and above signifies you are part of our inner circle of creative allies. At this level and above, you get the CD,  the download, and the two Patreon songs, as well as a copy of the music video, (download or DVD), and insider participation. (Secret Facebook group or Google Hangout – still being determined).

You ALSO get a Portals key, which will be charged by moon, sea, and song. I will take the keys to the ocean beneath the full moon, and sing a spell of enchantment into them, that you may be awash in beauty and wonder whenever you hold it.

This is one of the most personal perks, and also significant as a magical act, for this is the perk level we are pushing to get at least 100 folks on board the first weekend. This will create the momentum needed to maximize chances of reaching our goal; as such this is a powerful summoning for me! Gratitude beams most definitely included!

Handwritten lyrics of the song of your choice, written by me (I have lovely handwriting) on beautiful paper, with pretty accents drawn in, because that’s how I roll. (Only 30 of these will be available).

Includes the core products: the CD, download, two Patreon songs, a copy of the music video (download or DVD), and insider participation. And of course, gratitude beams.

6) FILM SPONSOR – $225.00
You get to be in the video! Or, if you live far from me, you can send me something of significance to represent you in the video. Thus, you become part of our story! You also get a signed 11 x 17 movie poster created just for backers. And you get your name in the credits on the video and the CD.

Includes the core products: the CD,  download, two Patreon songs, a copy of the music video (download or DVD), and insider participation. Yep, gratitude beams. 

7) CUSTOM SONG – $350.00
I will write you a 2-part chant or song, based on the theme of your choice, and record it for you in my home studio. Only 10 of these will be available.

Includes the core products: the CD,  download, two Patreon songs, a copy of the music video (download or DVD), and insider participation. And, you guessed it; gratitude beams. Tons of ’em.

8) LYRIC ART – $500.00
Handwritten lyrics of your choice, but this time done up in a full multimedia art piece. I will discuss aesthetic and size specifications with you to make sure it fits well in your home. Only 10 of these will be available.

Includes the core products: the CD,  download, two Patreon songs, a copy of the music video (download or DVD), and insider participation. Nuclear gratitude beams.

9) HOUSE CONCERT – $750.00
Winter and I will offer a duet concert in your home for your most beloved friends and family. 2 45 minute sets! (Note: if you are more than 2 hours outside SF Bay, contact me to be sure your area is on our tour route).

Includes the core products: the CD,  download, two Patreon songs, a copy of the music video (download or DVD), and insider participation. Gratitude beams are, as always, included.

You are the big cheese, and you like to make things happen! So do we!

This gets you a prominently placed Executive Producer Credit on the CD, Download, Music Video, and Art Book (if we get that far).

You also get a cameo in the video, a signed movie poster, a specialty thank-you package with various art and goodies in it, and several heartfelt shout-outs to our community at large.

Includes more copies of the core products: 10 CDs, 5 DVDs, and 3 Art Books (if we get that far), as well as the download and the two Patreon songs, a copy of the music video (download or DVD), and insider participation. Gratitude beams most certainly apply.

If we get into stretch goals, we will add new perks that feature the artists involved in that level of the project. New featured musicians and artists for the art book!

Whew! That was a lot of writing!


Regular updates will happen on my blog:

On my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/SharonKnightMusic

And on Twitter: @sharonknight777

We love you!!



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