Neofolk Romantique – It isn’t just for music anymore.

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Hello friends! I have an announcement to make!

This year has entailed a lot of soul searching as far as how to do my sweet little music career in a way that keeps it fun and creative, so that I don’t burn out. None of us can do our best work when burned out, and it has always been important to me that I craft my career on my own terms, not just for me, but for you. You guys deserve the best music I can make, not music that is rushed because I need to make rent.

At the core of my musical mission is the desire to rekindle a sense of enchantment in our world. The music I make comes from this place, and as such needs to be nurtured in this way. I need to be rested, rejuvenated, and inspired to create music that conveys this enchantment to you. I need to take time with a new song or idea, roll it around in my mind for awhile and let it ripen and take shape organically. For songs to reach their full potential, they must be allowed to reveal themselves slowly, as a lover would. I can’t give this process the respect it deserves when I am trying to slam out product as quickly as possible. Assembly-line music is not what I am here for.

For a while now, I’ve made money only when on tour. Which makes for a stressful time indeed when I am taking time off the road to create new music. As I’m sure you know, stress isn’t all that conducive to creativity either!

So I’ve spent a significant amount of time this year developing arms of my business that can sustain me while I write and record new music. In February, I unveiled the Ring of Enchantment, which in the fall will launch as a full fledged school.

Today I reveal to you the third – and final – arm of my master plan:

The Neofolk Romantique Etsy Store!

Why an Etsy store? One of the things that keeps my creative juices flowing is to approach creativity from a completely different angle every so often. I have been known to make my own clothes, draw, and meander aimlessly exploring new things. One of the things I have become enamored of lately is the vintage world. Over the years I have collected, crafted, or otherwise created a collection of goodies that fit the Neofolk Romantique style. And now I offer them to you.

This serves the dual purpose of keeping my own imagination kindled so I can write better songs, and also gives me the means to earn an income when not touring, so that I can develop new songs in a relaxed manner.

In my Etsy store you will find clothing, home accents, art pieces, and vintage treasures all handcrafted, upcycled, or found by me, and that represent the Neofolk Romantique style. A FREE song is included with each purchase.

What is the Neofolk Romantique style, you might ask?

Old world charm with a feisty dash of whimsy and romance. A quirky-sexy love of nature, and a flair for adventure. While we, the Neofolk Romantique of the world, may indeed dress in white lace, it is not without  grass stains on our knees. We are quite content to have high tea in the garden, but we are more than ready to brandish our blades at the first hint of danger. If Pippi Longstocking were to breakfast with Wendy and the Lost Boys, the scene might well be appointed with several items from the Neofolk Romantique Shoppe. Belly dancers with daggers, pirates in eyeliner, eccentric old ladies, brave explorers, epic love, fairy tales and fetish boots, circus acts and re-imagined history; if it seems like something the characters in my songs would have, it will be represented in the shop.

Care to step a little more into the world of Neofolk Romantique?

Then come for a visit!

PS – all proceeds from the shoppe go toward the care and feeding of your very own Neofolk Romantique musicians as we complete recording of the formal release of  our “Neofolk Romantique” album, slated for release at Faerieworlds 2013.

UPDATE: I found a little widget to display stuff right here:

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  1. Greatest line:

    “While we, the Neofolk Romantique of the world, may indeed dress in white lace, it is not without grass stains on our knees. ”


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