Musings on Magic

Witches-and Pagans-cover-better-colorI have been featured on the cover of Witches and Pagans magazine!

This is exciting for me, as visibilty is the name of the game for us musicianly types, so thanks Witches and Pagans!

For those of you who didn’t already know, yes, I count myself among the Witches and Pagans of the world, being deeply inspired by a spirituality that promotes interconnectedness with all life, views nature as worthy of worship, and sees the divine and natural worlds as one. Also, I desire a spirituality that values experience over doctrine, which much of modern Paganism gives me.

I believe in magic because I experience it every day. Magic infuses every song I write. We can train our minds to see magic –  the undercurrent of creation that flows through every aspect of life – and know ourselves to be part of it by clearing the mind of conditioned thinking and allowing it to return to its natural state. This is something I have practiced for nearly 30 years, and it has become an essential part of who I am.

If you would like a glimpse into my magical worldview, check out this issue of Witches and Pagans!

If you’d like to delve more deeply into the world of magic, and get support for your practice with music-driven meditations and rituals custom crafted by me, I invite you to join The Ring of Enchantment.




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  1. Ordered the edition as soon as it was available. You are so eloquent. I’ve read the article several times over. I hope this brings you loads of new fans.

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