Musings on Home in a Changing City

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We are wintering in a city I no longer recognize. San Francisco struts mockingly across the bridge, flaunting its facelift and its newfound wealth, as it slowly creeps across, promising to envelop the side of the Bay I call home into its ostentatious fold. I bide my time, each renovated house as sand in the hourglass, signaling my time here is coming to an end.

Let the new tech-gold miners cast their hopes and dreams amidst this net, as they live in tents hoping to climb high enough up the ladder to pluck the promised fruit. No, that life is not for me. I made my choice long ago, and as a result, the road is more home to me now than any place I know.

So I bide my time. I spend my days creating layered songs in our recording studio, weaving  together strands of musical beauty from musicians far and wide, cobbling together rent from whatever we can find.

As Portals enters its final phase, something is ending.  I taste the dregs of my life here,and I wonder what is next. I know that song will bring it, whatever it is. I know that there are many more adventures on my road, but I don’t know what they are. I suppose if I did, they wouldn’t be adventure!

It is strange to realize that you are perceiving your life as no longer your own, but a veneer over what is real. That is how life in this city feels to me now. It no longer reflects back to me my inner landscape, my values and priorities, as it once did. Home is an extension of our innermost soul, I have always thought. This place has been that to me, my entire life. Now? I don’t know. Only that being on the open road, singing songs to people each night, opening up portals of beauty and wonder and magic for people as we go, is the closest thing to that feeling I currently have.

All of you, whom we have sung and played for, and will sing and play for again; when I look out and see your faces, that is when I feel at home.

You are my home.


4 thoughts on “Musings on Home in a Changing City

  1. My sleepy town has turned into a goldrush town too. The energy is so different than it was, and not for the better. I’m no traveler. I just have to hope they’ll dig up all their riches out of the earth and then go away again. 😛

  2. I’m sorry to hear that San Francisco is being transformed so much by fast money. I know it’s been going on for some time. I lived in Berkeley 10 years ago and San Francisco was a jewel of heritage buildings that I never tired of exploring. Real estate in port cities is being used to park money rather than provide homes for people.

    Here in Vancouver, BC, city neighbourhoods are being gutted by investors and developers with more money than they know what to do with. Beautiful 1500 sqft arts and craft homes built in the 1920s are being demolished to be replaced by 4000 sqft concrete monster houses. If hundred year old trees are in the way of the house plan they are removed. Totalitarian glass and concrete condo towers, 20 stories high, are planned for street corners along corridors where the zoning is for 4 stories even though this capacity isn’t yet fully built. In parts of downtown, about 25% of the condos sit are empty. They are simply a place to invest money. Entire floors are bought up by investors. It ain’t pretty.

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