Musings from the Road

When I take a moment to contemplate how I may best sum up my current journey across America, the words “gratitude”, “wonder”, and “idyllic” come to mind.

I have seen a forest alight with hundreds of fireflies. I have seen gorgeous marshes abundant with trees, and the idyllic and lazy East Coast summers reminiscent of  the writings of Thoreau and Emerson. Children play in beautiful gardens with bugs humming – and at night, biting! I have played with a baby raccoon and shared wine with friends and stages with artists who truly inspire me. I have traveled from place to place never knowing what to expect, learning to trust, and being reminded that there are many, many good people in this world.

We aren’t making loads of money – income is down from last year – yet it seems so far that we are getting what we need. And for all that, I have been lucky to see and stay in some truly beautiful places, the kinds of places the wealthy would surely shell out big bucks for, were they for sale. I’ll be writing more on this soon, as it fits a major ideal of mine – living a rich life without spending all one’s time clamoring for money.

I wish I had figured out years ago that, contrary to what many people have said, the gypsy life is in fact for me. It remains to be seen whether I would ever get sick of this. I do miss my loved ones back home to be sure. And I sometimes miss the sense of my own space. But more and more I come to feel comfortable in the whole world. The world is your home when you own the road.

I love meeting new friends, creating shows with my fellow artists – Wendy, Betty, and Kellianna all come to mind – and strengthening ties with fellow musicians – Ginger Doss comes to mind. We have been honored to share the stage with all of these ladies, as well as SJ Tucker and Heather Dale at the start of this journey. And each performance brings a whole  new set of opening doors.

I love the serendipity of following the Muse and seeing where she will lead. So far it’s almost always been good. With the promise of only getting better.