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Lush, beautiful, haunting and romantic, this is my signature syle Celtic-inspired fantasy folk rock featuring myth, legend, larger-than-life characters, epic love, sticky situations and windows into timeless lands. But who needs lengthy descriptions when you can just play every song in the players below! You can also read all the lyrics by clicking the album title to enter the main store, and scroll over each song name. A "lyrics" link will magically appear. Pretty cool huh?

A collection of 12 Celtic traditional and original songs ranging from romantic and fanciful to dark and brooding. Faery lore, lively jigs, and haunting ballads of pirates, murder, love, death, and the quest for poetic inspiration. Comes with a 21-page booklet of lyrics and song notes.


This is the official release of NeoFolk Romantique, which replaces the pre-release of the same name. There are a number of song additions & omissions, as well as added instrumentation, voices, and guest musicians. The songs that were carried over from the pre-release have all been remixed for your superior listening pleasure:)




CD includes immediate download. Comes with a beautiful 21-page lyric book.

An otherworldly blend of Celtic traditional and original songs featuring soulful Celtic vocals and mythical themes. Lushly produced and featuring some of the San Francisco Bay Area's finest musicians. CD is beautiflly packaged with full-color 12 page booklet.




CD includes immediate download.

An excellent introduction to my music - a selection of songs from several different albums at a very friendly price!



My first album of all-original songs in a Bardic storytelling tradition. An unabashedly Pagan-themed album with acoustic and electric guitar, mandolins, flutes, drums, and a very woodsy feel. Most often compared with Steeleye Span or Fairport Convention.



CD includes immediate download.

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