Mermaid Kisses


What are mermaid kisses?

Mermaid kisses are (among other things) little whisplets of improvisational song that I pluck from the ethers and record for the folks on my mailing list. They range from about 45 seconds to 2 minutes in length and are created 100% from the whim of the Muse in that moment. They are fun and unfettered and give you a little blast of song in your inbox. I create them every few months.

I see them as  little thank-you nuggets of appreciation for staying connected to my goings-on via my mailing list. I know it is no small thing to grant someone your inbox attention, and I am grateful you’ve extended me yours. I try my best to make it worth your while, and sending you random mermaid kisses is one way I can do that. :+)

Want to get them?

PS –  You get a free song too. :+)

PSS – I never ever ever ever share your email address with others, nor will I ever ever ever send you anything that isn’t directly related to something I am involved in.  I send a mailing about twice a  month on average, and I have a deep, abiding respect for your privacy.

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