Let’s Get Betsy Tinney in the Porcelain Princess Music Video!

Ms. Tinney dresses up any film set!
Ms. Tinney dresses up any film set!

In one week Winter and I are going to make a music video. This will be only the second professionally produced video we have had occasion to make, and it is thanks to all of you who participated in the Portals vision!

We are frantically running around, pulling together the remaining details, and I hold no illusions that I will have anything resembling a non-video life for the next week. Being on set is great fun; the camaraderie and the glamour of everyone all dressed up and in their best light – literally – is quite a thrill. It is not easy to pull together the resources for such an epic undertaking, and it could be some time before we are able to do another one. So naturally we want to make the most of this opportunity!

Since the entire crew of Tricky Pixie are the featured artists on our music video song, Porcelain Princess, we have had the fantasy since day one of flying Tricky Pixie in to be our “house band” for the video. Alas, that just was not in the budget.

But, what if we could have one Tricky Pixie in the video? The one who lives closest to us?

Maybe, just maybe, this would be doable.

We want to fly Betsy Tinney down from Seattle to be the Porcelain Princess cellist!

To that end, we have created another Flash Specialty Perk specifically for this purpose! As a successfully funded campaign, Indiegogo invited Portals to participate in their “In Demand” program, which means we can continue to offer perks through the Portals campaign until the project is complete. So, we have added a GET BETSY perk. For $25 you get a download of Betsy’s album, “Release The Cello” plus an additional download of anything from Winter’s and my current collection.

2 downloads for $25 is barely even a fundraiser, it is practically the cost of you getting yourself some new music. We wanted it to be a win win for everyone. We have done a meticulous job of sticking to our budget so far, but airfare for a person and a cello wasn’t in it. Still, we know Betsy adds so much visually as well as musically that we really want her to be part of it. And she wants to be part of it too!

So if you would like to score yourself some great new music, while keeping us out of the red and ensuring that our video has added visual appeal, get on over to Indiegogo and snag our featured perk, GET BETSY.

Your eyes and ears will thank you! And so will Winter and I!