Hexenfest Musings and the Power of Community – Yeah, You.

(Update: this was supposed to publish last Monday and I hit the wrong button. Sorry for the delay!)

Well, we did it. We hosted Hexenfest and it didn’t tank. Which, as you might imagine, is a huge relief.  There were 93 paid attendees (which amuses us, being Thelemically inclined), a modest start, but respectable. I am frankly blown away by how much support there was. It was easy to find enough volunteers. The Indiegogo campaign did well (really you guys produced this thing right along with us). There was support from the press. You guys came through for Hexenfest to the extent that I had no stress the night of the event and was able to enjoy myself right along with you. For that I am profoundly grateful.  Thank you!!  You have shown me the power of community yet again. Our community kicks ASS and I am so very honored to be in your company. There are people who spend their whole lives hoping to find what we have, and I don’t take it for granted. This is something I am grateful for every single day.

A few random notes: Some folks who bought in at the VIP level didn’t pick up their goodies.  Ideally we can arrange to meet so I can avoid paying postage. We made our nut, but just. 

Also – for those who follow my blog regularly, I have not forgotten the Song-A-Week challenge. I have indeed fallen behind (Hexenfest ate my life) but I have not dropped it and I will make up the time. I will report on this next week. 

Lastly – I had written a statement of intent for Hexenfest, and I post it here as well, in case you missed it.


Thank you for joining us for the first annual Hexenfest! To our knowledge, this is the first festival devoted specifically to the arts in the Neopagan revival. We feel this is important, because a culture’s art helps to shape the identity of its people. As we are still a young movement, striving to rebuild our ancestral traditions from the ashes of a forgotten era­, we grapple with shaping an identity that preserves our legacy in ways that are relevant for us today. The arts help us to further define ourselves, and bring this emerging identity into the manifest world.

We feel the Neopagan revival promotes a much-needed diversity amidst the trends of monoculture, monotheism, and monopoly currently dominating our word. We believe it is time to celebrate Paganism not just as a religious worldview, but as a cultural revolution. The preservation of cultural diversity, an abiding reverence for nature, the desire to honor our ancestors, and the will to take command of our own evolution are all aspects of Paganism that we find deeply relevant. It is our hope, in growing Hexenfest, that we can support these aspirations by promoting artists who move these ideals forward.

If you would like to become a part of this growing community and help us decide which bands and artists to feature in coming years, please join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Hexenfest.