Friday’s Featured Fabulousness – R-Rated Kali

Heya beauties!

Here in Oakland, we have a lovely custom called First Fridays, where local artists open up their studios the first Friday of each month for an “Art Walk”  that spans about an 8 block radius and includes restaurants, painters, handmade clothing designers, musicians, and multimedia artists of all kinds. It is a great way to get out into the community and get your own creative juices flowing and it is one of the reasons I love living in Oakland.

I don’t really have a studio that I can open to display my own art, but I have decided to participate in this tradition by hosting my own “Friday’s Featured Fabulousness”, which will happen every Friday, right here. After all, I have been expanding my offerings to include art (I was a visual artist long before I discovered music) but you’d never know that if I didn’t tell you about it. So that’s what Friday’s Featured Fabulousness is about – showcasing one of my creations that may bring fabulousness into your life.

We’re going to start with Tribal Kali. I am featuring her first, because someone flagged her as R-rated on my store, which means she is likely to become hard to find. Sheesh. Just because she’s naked. I mean, it’s not like it’s porn. She’s freaking Kali, for fuck’s sake! So what if you can see her nipples? Or a bit of muff? It’s not like they’re “in use”.  And it’s not like there’s senseless violence. Well. Except for the severed head. But still. It’s a METAPHORICAL severed head. Some folks just don’t get Kali at all. :+)

Anyway – ranting aside – she’s quite a powerful iconic design, I think, for when you want to invoke a little more ass-kickery into your day. For now, I am using Zazzle as my store of choice and you can currently get her on a T-Shirt and a button. (The button got the R-rated flag. I changed it back to G-rating, which means everyone can see it, but they’re bound to be on to me soon, in which case you won’t be able to see her until you make an account with Zazzle and put your content filter settings to “off”. Kinda like that Island in Pirates of the Caribbean, that can only be found by those who already know where it is).

So I figured I’d give her top billing while you can still see her.  :+)

If you’d like to see the rest of the items in the store, here is the link.

Oh and Zazzle has got an endless supply of schwag to put art on so if you decide you want her on any number of other things – a coffee mug, a keychain, an iPhone case – shoot me a note and I’ll set it up for you.


One thought on “Friday’s Featured Fabulousness – R-Rated Kali

  1. Kali R-Rated? Pleeeeeze!
    I’ve seen a Goddess image of a woman sitting with her arms wrapped around her thighs and opening her ‘hoo ha’ wide. Guess what she is Goddess of? Wish I could remember her name. I’m sure someone out there knows.

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