Featured Portals Artist: Wendy Rule

Wendy Rule

If you are remotely interested in the realms of magic, you almost certainly have heard of Wendy Rule. She is pure witchcraft. Born on Halloween, her voice is perfectly suited to pagan music.

Her voice sounds like Edith Piaf and opium and the dark caves of Hecate. To listen to her is pure intoxication.

She also has a real glamour about her. She walks into a room and fills the space with a commanding and mysterious presence. She’s got a star quality, such that you’d expect her to be quite the diva. Yet when you get to know her, she is completely down to earth. Fun loving, witty, and well traveled, Wendy is a person who truly relishes life, and I am honored to call her friend.

Wendy is the only Portals artist that I don’t already have a song for. I am going to write one special, because I so very much want to sing with her. Her voice is pure magic, and singing with her will inspire me to my most evocative.

Extra tidbits: Wendy was a jazz singer for many years! Winter and I spent a week with her and her husband Timothy in New Orleans and got to hear her sing a jazz standard with a New Orleans band. That was a great time!

Wendy and Tim also teach a year long online class on magic called Living a Life of Magic.

Here is a gorgeous video of Wendy:

You can learn more about Wendy on her website:

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