Featured Portals Artist: Caith Threefires

Caith Threefires. Photo: Elizabeth Henderson

We love Caith! He is our musical soul mate. Apparently we are meant to be star crossed lovers, however, because circumstances have decreed that he live on the east coast and we live on the west coast. Lucky for us, we find ourselves out east fairly regularly!

We met Caith on Myspace, believe it or not. Proof that at least one worthwhile thing came out of Myspace. We immediately hit it off as we shared love of many of the same bands. Ardent fans of strange folk and medieval music as well as dramatic gothic metal, we quickly realized we should all be in the same band. We asked him to join Pandemonaeon and he said yes. And for a few years, we made beautiful music together.

Caith is a consummate musician. He plays all sorts of instruments; bass, guitar, keyboards, and just about anything from the mandolin family. And his stage presence is outstanding. Badass yet playful, fans love him.

He is highly coveted as a live and session player. He has logged several hours on the road as part of the Celtic rock ensemble Tempest, and has also been heard lending his talents to the Heather Dale Band. And of course, we don’t miss a chance to play with him whenever we can get out to the Boston area.

Here are a few videos of Caith, one with him playing bass in Pandemonaeon, and one with him shredding on Bouzouki. Acoustic or electric, the man is a kickass musician, and we are so glad that he’ll be joining us on Portals!