Little-known fact: I offer tarot readings!

I have been a tarot reader for over 20 years, and have read professionally off and on throughout that time. As a lifelong artist, I have navigated much of my life based on intuition, inspiration, and trust in the inter-relatedness of all things in our living universe. I know what it is to live by following the song in one’s heart, looking always for the synchronicities, the underlying patterns weaving their serpentine paths through our lives. I know that by delving into the great sea of consciousness, the realms of myth and dream, we can find our way to a life of our own making. Our lives can be poetry if we can but learn to listen to the secret stirrings of our heart.

I also know that sometimes we get stuck. We get discouraged and doubt ourselves. Sometimes our vulnerabilities get the better of us, and blind us for a time as to the best course of action. During these times, having support from someone one step removed from the situation can be helpful.

It would be my honor to help you navigate your way to a life of increased poetry!

I call my readings Creative Counseling Sessions, because I believe that is what we are doing when we read tarot. We are communing with the Universe, looking for energetic tendencies, deeper patterns in our relationship with the world around us, and uncovering clues for how to best work within these patterns. I see life as a perpetual dance with a living, sentient world, and tarot is one of the languages we can use to communicate with this world.

I don’t do predictive readings. I frankly don’t believe in them. Nobody can say for certain what the future holds. Besides, your future is not cast in stone, an unchangeable fate that you have no control over. Ugh! How disempowering! I believe you are the master of your destiny, quite capable of captaining your own pirate ship. You just need support sometimes, as we all do!  The cards offer us insights into what influences are at play in the moment. They offer keys as to which choices are likely to bear fruit and which are likely to lead nowhere, what to avoid for the time being, what strengths you have at your disposal, and how to best use those strengths to create your desired outcome. In short, the Tarot is an artist’s approach to crafting an artistic life!

Are we on the same wavelength? Great! Let’s get something on the books!

Sessions are $100 an hour or $60 for 30 minutes.

I am currently on tour and only able to offer Skype or FB Messenger readings. If you would like to book a session, please email me at bookingsharonknight at gmail dot com to make arrangements.

I look forward to working with you!