I Refuse to Live in Fear

Yeah I know the world is filled with horrors. I know that our government is ruining our economy and we are likely to end up a third world country. I know that everything is getting more expensive and there are more and more people and less and less resources. And people are often selfish and dreadful to each other, etc ad nauseum.

There is also plenty of beauty in the world. Plenty of good people helping each other, trying to make the world a better place, inventing amazing things. Are we only focused on what is awful? Or do we remember the good as well, and seek it out?

If we’re looking for bad news, there’s plenty of it to be found. But what is the point? Personally I don’t find it useful to take in bad news every day. For me the answers come down to the same things no matter how much bad news I take in, so I choose to focus on those few things I can actually do and then just not worry abut the rest. Worry makes me tired and ineffectual. Besides, you can spend all your time preparing for the worst and then still get hit by a bus.

So I figure, do what makes sense with your life. But don’t stop living for the sake of surviving.