Portals Featured Sponsor: Serpent’s Kiss Magick Shop

Serpent's Kiss - what a beautiful store!

Serpent’s Kiss – what a beautiful store!

It’s time for our next Portals featured sponsor! This one is going to write itself because I have loved these folks for many years now: Susan Diamond and Shimmering Wolf of Serpent’s Kiss in Santa Cruz.

These folks are awesome. Genuine. Full of magic. Drenched with life and spirit and adventure. And successful owners of one of my favorite magic shops!

Susan and Wolf are seemingly tireless, and like all the other Portals sponsors, very committed to building community. They host numerous classes and events, including concerts. Winter and I have played Serpent’s Kiss many times, as has Wendy Rule and SJ Tucker.

They are the creators of the New Orleans Folk Magic Festival, Conjure Con, Conjure Craft, and Witches in the Woods. They have a multi-room store that offers magical supplies from a wide range of traditions, with an emphasis on Hoodoo and root work. They offer candles, oils, incense, stones, books, statuary, and clothes, among many other things.


People I love: That’s Susan and Wolf on the right. Along with Didi, Orion Foxwood, and Star Casas.

They also host the popular Redwood Nights drum circle, on a gorgeous, secluded slice of the Santa Cruz mountains. Creating events that give their community unforgettable experiences is a strong suit for Susan and Wolf. They instigated an excursion just recently that ended up being one of the highlights of my life so far; a whale watch that closed out the Conjure Craft weekend, wherein we spent about 20 minutes amidst a giant pod of dolphins. It was so beautiful, I wept. Susan, being my mermaid sister, wept too. (I almost begged off this trip, and Susan would not let me wiggle out of it. A fact for which I am profoundly grateful!)

Susan really does feel like a sister and kindred spirit to me. She is very much a mermaid girl. She looks like Stevie Nicks and dresses like a beach combing bohemian. I love her style. Her magical philosophy is akin to my own as well; that to work magic is to delve into the deep sea of Dream, and thus, sea magic is very relevant to the practice of magic as a whole. As you know, sea magic is very close to my heart. There is talk of Susan and I teaming up to offer a week of sea magic and song in Hawai’i! Both of us are the type who love to plot and scheme endlessly about amazing experiences we can create and share with our clan. Mwahaha!

If you love witchy sea priestesses and the magic they make, get yourself to Santa Cruz and check out Serpent’s Kiss. Hook up with their community and stay in the loop about when we are all going to Hawai’i!

Serpent’s Kiss
2015 N Pacific Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95060


Each of these Portals sponsors has been hand selected by me as someone I would feel proud to showcase. They will each be getting a feature here over the next few months. Click the banners to visit their pages.

Let’s Get Betsy Tinney in the Porcelain Princess Music Video!

Ms. Tinney dresses up any film set!

Ms. Tinney dresses up any film set!

In one week Winter and I are going to make a music video. This will be only the second professionally produced video we have had occasion to make, and it is thanks to all of you who participated in the Portals vision!

We are frantically running around, pulling together the remaining details, and I hold no illusions that I will have anything resembling a non-video life for the next week. Being on set is great fun; the camaraderie and the glamour of everyone all dressed up and in their best light – literally – is quite a thrill. It is not easy to pull together the resources for such an epic undertaking, and it could be some time before we are able to do another one. So naturally we want to make the most of this opportunity!

Since the entire crew of Tricky Pixie are the featured artists on our music video song, Porcelain Princess, we have had the fantasy since day one of flying Tricky Pixie in to be our “house band” for the video. Alas, that just was not in the budget.

But, what if we could have one Tricky Pixie in the video? The one who lives closest to us?

Maybe, just maybe, this would be doable.

We want to fly Betsy Tinney down from Seattle to be the Porcelain Princess cellist!

To that end, we have created another Flash Specialty Perk specifically for this purpose! As a successfully funded campaign, Indiegogo invited Portals to participate in their “In Demand” program, which means we can continue to offer perks through the Portals campaign until the project is complete. So, we have added a GET BETSY perk. For $25 you get a download of Betsy’s album, “Release The Cello” plus an additional download of anything from Winter’s and my current collection.

2 downloads for $25 is barely even a fundraiser, it is practically the cost of you getting yourself some new music. We wanted it to be a win win for everyone. We have done a meticulous job of sticking to our budget so far, but airfare for a person and a cello wasn’t in it. Still, we know Betsy adds so much visually as well as musically that we really want her to be part of it. And she wants to be part of it too!

So if you would like to score yourself some great new music, while keeping us out of the red and ensuring that our video has added visual appeal, get on over to Indiegogo and snag our featured perk, GET BETSY.

Your eyes and ears will thank you! And so will Winter and I!


What Type of Pagan Am I?


I often wonder, when playing that endlessly amusing game we humans play, of categorizing and labeling everything under the sun, that we may understand things better, “What type of Pagan am I?

I know what type of Pagan I am not. I am not a “The Secret” type of Pagan. I do not believe the universe exists to give us stuff, and all we have to do to live the life of our dreams is to activate the Law of Attraction. If this be the case, there are an awful lot of really shitty magicians in the world. Especially in developing countries. What’s up with you people, that you haven’t yet manifested a Keurig in every home?

Yeah, no.

But that’s not to say I think The Secret is 100% bullshit. No, I think it is only partial bullshit. Which is, frankly, a much more dangerous category of bullshit, because it’s sneaksy.

I do think there is merit to Will, for example. I believe we can actualize our strengths as humans, more than perhaps we thought we could, by analyzing our motives and reactions, and by observing what sort of results our actions bring us, and then adjusting accordingly to make more conscious choices. In this way, I do believe we can create our own reality, at least in part. So, I do believe in a “Law of Attraction” of sorts. If you cultivate yourself to be a responsible, inspiring, and low-drama person, you increase your chances of spending time in the company of other responsible, inspiring, and low-drama people. As these types of people tend to be more effective in the world, your chances of success also increase by being welcome in their company.

On the flip side, if you are a needy and manipulative person, and this goes unanalyzed, you are more likely to “attract” other needy and manipulative people, and will likely get trapped in a cycle of dysfunctional, and thus ineffective, relationships.

So yes, we do have a lot more command of creating our reality than we might think we do, by consciously cultivating who we want to be in the world, and endeavoring to heal any wounds that may be preventing us from doing so. However, we need to realize that we do this within a sea of limitations as well. We may have physical limitations, for example, and we most certainly have societal limitations that make it a lot easier for some to “create their own reality” than for others.

So, it ain’t quite as simple as “Opening to the Universe and all you desire will be given unto you.”

As I like to say, our Gods are not vending machines.

As for Gods; I do believe that Gods exist independently of our minds. I find relating to Gods as nothing more than archetypes in the human psyche deeply unsatisfying, and leads to solipsism, as far as I can tell. (Although solipsism as “knowledge of anything outside of one’s own mind is uncertain” – as opposed to “the world and other minds do not really exist” – is a valid position to consider, but that is a musing for a different day).

I find it useful to relate to Gods as autonomous beings, for the same reasons I find it useful to relate to my friends as having their own unique identities distinct from my own, even though we are told constantly that “We Are All One.” (Another oversimplified half-truth.) It reminds me that there are mightier forces in the Universe than my Self, glorious though that Self may be.

Also, it just feels most accurate. I can perceive these Beings more intricately when I relate to them as autonomous than I can when I think of them as part of my own psyche. (Note, I do not say that Gods “are” independent of my own psyche, but rather, “I perceive” them as such. I don’t, in fact, have any certainty at all about what Gods are. However, I also find I don’t need to in order to have meaningful relationships with them).

Nor does this perspective negate in any way Lon Milo DuQuette’s brilliant aphorism, “Why yes, it is all in your head, you just have no idea how big your head is.”  Because it does appear that we interact with Gods through a sort of “Field of Consciousness,” for lack of a better description. If it weren’t for our ability to expand our consciousness beyond our usual modes of perception, we would not be able to perceive Gods at all. So, it seems we are capable of expanding our consciousness, if not infinitely, at least to a degree great enough to catch glimpses of what appear to be astonishingly vast patterns of Being. Our ability to flow into one another’s consciousness is what makes this possible. (We may not “All Be One” but we are certainly interconnected.)

In short, I believe the Gods have agency.

This puts me squarely in the Polytheist camp.

And yet, I do not serve as priest to any Gods, as do most of my Polytheist friends. I have not made pacts with Gods, nor have I signed on to do their work in the world. I am not a devotional polytheist so much as, well, a friend of certain Gods. Or, if that seems too presumptuous, perhaps an ally. For I see my relationships with my Gods as friendly alliances. I have not married any of them, nor joined their armies, but I do invite them over for drinks every so often. This seems to suit them fine, for they show up more often than not, and we have a grand time.

Are my relationships with my Gods less deep than, say, a Polytheist priest’s, who engages in daily practice and worship with their chosen Deities? Quite possibly. Who can say? I think the benefit of daily practice is felt far more on our human end. It is what keeps our channels open and fluid, that we may perceive Gods more readily. I am not convinced that my (roughly) monthly practice is in any way perceived as disrespectful by the Deities themselves. For a being who spans such vast swathes of time, and indeed likely does not perceive time the way we humans do at all, my guess is, it matters little.

Though it may matter little to a God how often I “call home,” wouldn’t I, for my own benefit, want to spend more time with the Gods, if I truly am a Polytheist, as I claim?

Well, yes, most certainly. I enjoy the experience of being in their company, and I feel more expansive after having done so. But in truth, my time is limited. Which is another way of saying, I have other priorities.

For I am also a Humanist Pagan. I have spent much of my time as a student of the occult on pursuits that could be thought of as “human magic.” Thelema and Chaos magic are both very human-centric. Through practices aimed at experiencing ourselves as the “Primordial Man,” uncovering our “True Will,” and the like, we seek the very flowering of human consciousness that enables us to come into resonance with the realms of the Gods. In other words, we can perceive the Gods because we are of the Gods. I believe it is the fruit of occult practice that accounts for our ability to have satisfying relationships with Gods.

I also believe we humans have our own destinies to fulfill, our own potential to explore and maximize, as individuals and as a collective species. These destinies are inherently independent of the destinies of Gods, although there is often overlap, which is why alliances between humans and Gods can be of great benefit. (Of course, alliances with Gods can also be detrimental if the agenda of the God is not compatible with the true nature of the human, which is why “Know Thyself” is such a powerful edict for those who would traverse the realms of the Gods.)

We humans have our own magic, our own ways in which we navigate the great expanses of time, psyche, collective consciousness, and we can learn to wield our gifts within these great arcs to best fulfill our potential. We can develop our human magic through applied self-awareness, discipline, and imagination in action, and thus increase our ability to shape not just our personal realities, but the greater realities of the world at large.

Much of what I describe here as “human magic” may not be perceived as magic at all, but simply effective, inspired human action. Why do we bring the word “magic” into it at all?  I suspect it comes down to one’s predilection toward poetry, and what types of poetry one most likes to define their life by. For my part, I adore the twilight language of magic, which is at the heart of why I define myself as Pagan at all.

Because I perceive this entire big ole’ Universe as sentient. Alive. Some sort of animating principle heartily and relentlessly desires expression, apparently, for the Will to Life has continued inexhaustibly against impossible odds, forever.

And there I sound like a Pantheist.

So, what type of Pagan am I? I’ll take the lot! I’ll take the whole glorious, messy, imprecise jumble of ways in which we seek to interact with our Universe. Sometimes I perceive life as filled with vast patterns of consciousness not my own, and I call these patterns “Gods”. Other times, I go for extended periods not perceiving any Gods at all, but just an endless, pulsing undercurrent of aliveness, a flow of sorts, that I think of as Tao, or whatnot.

Always do I perceive the great, humbling, bewildering honor of being alive in this moment as a human being. What unimaginably mighty forces went into such a miracle made manifest!

For me, the only response remotely worthy of such an unutterably beautiful gift as that of being alive, is to celebrate that life to the utmost. To appreciate every moment for the awe-inducing experience that it is. I give my thanks by full immersion. I strive to see as much of this world I can, by traveling whenever possible. I offer my gratitude by making music and beauty and art, by loving as fearlessly as I can.

The values of celebration, beauty, art, love, and full immersion in this glorious world are all Pagan values.

What type of Pagan am I? This is not easy for me to answer. But what I can state with full confidence is this: I am completely, utterly, joyously, and unapologetically, a Pagan.


Portals Featured Sponsor: John Beckett

When I was in the midst of the Portals crowd funding campaign, my favorite part was shining a light on the various artists who are participating. When the campaign needed a boost, I offered the Film Sponsorship level to select businesses, folks who I felt exemplified the Portals vision in their own work. This “Featured Sponsor” series will showcase each participant and the contribution they make to our communities.

The inimitable Mr. John Beckett.

Our first featured sponsor is Mr. John Beckett! Let me start by saying that John jumped in as a supporter of Portals before I began offering it as a business perk. So he didn’t even realize he’d be getting a spiffy write-up. He’s getting one nonetheless.

John Beckett is a Druid, and a Pagan blogger on Patheos. He has been one of my favorite Pagan bloggers for  some time now, and one of the few I consistently read.

His blog, Under the Ancient Oaks, is a fine example of thoughtful Paganism. He has a reverence for the natural world and the mystery of the Gods that comes across as deep, genuine, and full of wonder, without resorting to fluffy woo terms that don’t mean much. Here is a rational man who nevertheless views his world as infused with Gods and spirits. John Beckett’s world is alive and worthy of devotion. His commitment to Pagan ideals and honoring the earth as a living entity have been consistently inspiring to me.

If one were to ask me what my own world view is, I could easily take the lazy way out and direct them to John’s blog. As a woman who’s perspective is very much inspired by pre-Christian Celtic thought, the Druidic stance is one akin to my own. In keeping with our compatible world-views, John featured my song Fire in the Head on his blog at one point as we were becoming friends.

Some posts of his that have particularly inspired me are:

Advice to a Young Pagan

There is no Supernatural

Hold Loosely but Practice Deeply

I admire John’s service to his Gods and the living world of nature. I admire his commitment to community. I admire the thought and passion he puts into his blog and into his priestcraft. Folks interested in modern Paganism, and indeed the inner wellspring from which Winter I draw much of our music, would do well to check out Under the Ancient Oaks.

It is my great honor to draw your attention to the work of John Beckett. Thank you, John, for the work you do!



Each of these Portals sponsors has been hand selected by me as someone I would feel proud to showcase. They will each be getting a feature here over the next few months. Click the banners to visit their pages.

Portals Featured Artist: Dan Cantrell

Dan Cantrell.

Dan Cantrell.

Of all of the Portals artists, Dan Cantrell is the one I know the least. Although Winter has worked with Dan on a few projects, I have only met him once, when he was sitting in with Stellamara. His circus-like vibe and playing style captured my imagination, and I immediately knew I wanted him to play on Porcelain Princess. I introduced myself after the show and told him as much. He was the first guest artist we knew we wanted, so in a way, he started the whole idea of Portals as a window into the talents of a variety of artists.

Dan’s style is very “old world carnival”, with a strong Balkan and Klezmer influence. He has played music with Tom Waites, Beats Antique, Stellamara, and Fishtank Ensemble, as well as bellydance superstars Rachel Brice, Mardi Love, and Elizabeth Strong. He has had music in numerous films and TV shows, and has done an admirable job crafting a career for himself out of strange music.

When your music is as ‘off the beaten path’ as Dan’s is, the best way to be successful is to be damned good at what you do. This strategy has worked quite well for Dan!

You can look forward to his carnival whimsey on Portals by year’s end!

Here he is playing with some outstanding musicians and bellydancers:

You can learn more about Dan and his music here:


Dan’s feature concludes our Portals Featured Artist series, and as the artist who first sparked the “carnival of mystery” theme to our next album, he brings this series full circle.

I have enjoyed presenting the talents of these fine artists to you, quite a bit! Thanks for reading along!

Now it’s time to sink into my favorite part – creating the music!

We are so very excited about Portals! We’d be delighted if you would make your pledge now! The more money we can make up front, the less we will need to rely on banks and credit cards and gnawing uncertainty. All of which will help the Portals ship sail smoothly and efficiently toward completion.



Portals Insight: A Heartfelt Message

Sharon Knight and Winter.  Photo: PixievisionProductions.com

Sharon Knight and Winter.
Photo: PixievisionProductions.com

If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution – Emma Goldman

Our crowd funding efforts are in the final stretch, and before they end, I thought I’d share a bit about why this project is important to me.  I have featured many of the Portals artists on my blog but I haven’t featured Winter and I, and what is driving us to do this.

So here goes!

Over the course of our touring life, we have shared stages with many amazing musicians, and numerous times we have sat in on each other’s sets to make a special synergy that only exists in that moment. We have supported each other with show leads or warnings, places to stay, and boosting each others’ signal on important projects. In short, we have formed a sort of informal musician’s guild.

This is cool as hell.

This is an example, on a small scale, of how a healthy society can work. About how people can band together to make things better for the entire group. Artists typically lead precarious lives, and when we all throw in together, it makes it better for all of us. And it makes it better for the fans, because with support, more musicians you love don’t give up when the road seems fraught with peril.

We thought, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we could showcase our small but mighty musician’s guild in album form?” If we crowdfunded it, all the musicians involved would get paid. We’d all be signal boosting each other as part of the process, and we’d get to create together. Everybody wins. Not just the artists, but the fans of these artists as well.

Thus Portals was born, as a traveling ‘Carnivale of Mystery’,  a theme we myth-based artists live every day.

The campaign ends Monday night at 11:59pm.

We have made a big play, shooting for $20,000. We wanted to tell the world, “Look, we take this project seriously. We want to do something at a higher level than we ever have before”.  We still need $7700. Will we make it? It will take a big push in the final hours, but I’ve seen these things shoot up dramatically at the last minute to meet their goal.

Right now every dollar that comes in goes toward the music video. It is our hope that it can happen in keeping with our original vision.

In our final few hours, Winter and I are asking that you please share our link far and wide, with a few words on why you support the project. Let’s see if we can get this project all the way funded, and be one of those 11th hour success stories.

We’ve got until Monday at 11:59pm.

For your convenience, the link is http://www.sharonknightportals.net

Thank you for your support!

Featured Portals Artist: Caith Threefires


Caith Threefires. Photo: Elizabeth Henderson

We love Caith! He is our musical soul mate. Apparently we are meant to be star crossed lovers, however, because circumstances have decreed that he live on the east coast and we live on the west coast. Lucky for us, we find ourselves out east fairly regularly!

We met Caith on Myspace, believe it or not. Proof that at least one worthwhile thing came out of Myspace. We immediately hit it off as we shared love of many of the same bands. Ardent fans of strange folk and medieval music as well as dramatic gothic metal, we quickly realized we should all be in the same band. We asked him to join Pandemonaeon and he said yes. And for a few years, we made beautiful music together.

Caith is a consummate musician. He plays all sorts of instruments; bass, guitar, keyboards, and just about anything from the mandolin family. And his stage presence is outstanding. Badass yet playful, fans love him.

He is highly coveted as a live and session player. He has logged several hours on the road as part of the Celtic rock ensemble Tempest, and has also been heard lending his talents to the Heather Dale Band. And of course, we don’t miss a chance to play with him whenever we can get out to the Boston area.

Here are a few videos of Caith, one with him playing bass in Pandemonaeon, and one with him shredding on Bouzouki. Acoustic or electric, the man is a kickass musician, and we are so glad that he’ll be joining us on Portals!




Portals Featured Artist: Alexander James Adams


Alexander James Adams

Alexander James Adams is the original Faerytale Minstrel. He has been playing faerytale folk music on dozens of instruments long before it was cool. He’s been on the circuit since I can remember, defining the genre almost single handedly. He is the consummate session man, able to jump in at a moment’s notice and learn your songs in real time, as you are playing them on stage. And what he comes up with is devilishly tasty!

He is one third of the wildly popular band of frolicsome fey, Tricky Pixie. Along with Betsy Tinney and SJ Tucker, Alec charms the socks off of audiences all across the US and Europe.

Give a listen, and then get excited for his addition on Portals!

Learn and listen to more of Alec’s work here:


And make your pledge to PORTALS right here:


Portals Featured Artist: Nathaniel Johnstone

Nathaniel Johnstone

Nathaniel Johnstone, charming the masses!

This is Nathaniel Johnstone. Most well-known for his work with Abney Park, Nathaniel is a multi-instrumentalist who won my heart when he and his partner Tempest performed at Hexenfest. His sweet and melancholy violin playing struck me as a cross between classical discipline and Eastern European joy de vivre. We loved his style instantly, and knew that he would be perfect for Portals.

He’s got an old world carnival vibe in dress as well as musical and visual style, and he’s got a down to earth personality, which makes him a joy to work with. He’s also a great showman, with a healthy enthusiasm for the spirit of collaboration. All of which make him a perfect Portals artist!

Nathaniel will be playing on Slippers of Rose, a song that is very dear to my heart, as it was written for my Dad shortly after his passing. We rarely play it live, it is so intimate, but we have decided to share it with the world through the Portals project, and I am so glad to have Nathaniel’s talents in bringing to life the mingled sweetness, sorrow, and nostalgia of the song.

His partner, Tempest, is also known as Laura Tempest Zakroff, and will be a featured visual artist in the Portals art book, offered as a stretch goal in the Portals Project.

I couldn’t find a live show video that does Nathaniel justice on violin, so I give you this Game of Thrones theme song rendition, which features his violin work prominently. We are playful here at Camp Portals!

You can also hear more of Nathaniel on Bandcamp:

(Hey that song would do well paired with a Pandemonaeon set!)

And of course, on his own website:


As you can see, Nathaniel is one more reason why Portals is going to KICK ASS!


Featured Portals Artist: The Visual Artists!!

In light of Maxine Miller signing on to the Portals project I thought this would be a good time to introduce our visual artists.

As you know, the music and video are the core of this project. But if we can reach our stretch goals we plan to bring the project into the visual arts, with a gorgeous art book with song lyrics, stories based on the songs, and companion art from these featured artists. I am honored to present them to you!

Morpheus Ravenna

Morpheus Ravenna

Morpheus is a good friend, and also a big impetus in Portals existing as a crowd funding campaign. Through her own recent (and very successful) crowd funding campaign for her “Book of the Great Queen”, she benefited several members of her community by bringing them into her project. We see Portals as “paying it forward” by carrying on this tradition and including several artists in our project. Thus do we keep our communities thriving!

Also her art is striking and powerful! Celtic, tribal, and mythic, the art of Morpheus Ravenna evokes the ecstasy and mystery of union with the Otherworld. I am thrilled she’ll be contributing art that brings the Portals songs visually to life. In fact, one of our songs, No Long Night, was inspired by her. We’ll have her illustrate that one.

BONUS: She is also a tattoo artist You can have her art on your body!

Here are a few examples:

You can find out more about Morpheus’s art at http://www.bansheearts.com.



Maxine Miller

Maxine Miller

I have loved Maxine’s art for years. She is well known, and has many iconic designs out in the Celtic and Pagan worlds. Imagine my glee when she began showing up to our shows in Portland! We have become friends, and I am super excited to have her as part of Portals. Her art is vibrant and incredibly ornate, with a bit of nouveau flair! I am thinking her style would be perfect for our song, Porcelain Princess!

BONUS: She has offered 10 signed 11×17 prints as perks! I’ll be adding this perk as soon as they arrive, so keep your eyes on the campaign!

Here are a few of my favorites:

You can find out more about Maxine’s art at: http://celticjackalope.com


Laura Tempest Zakroff

Laura Tempest Zakroff

I first met Tempest, as she is known in dance circles, when a magazine she co-produced, Crescent, featured an article on Pandemonaeon. The magazine was beautifully produced, and really stood out due to Tempest’s art. Over the years I have continued to be wowed by her creations. She has a singular style, which is reflected in her costuming as well as her visual art. She was a natural choice when compiling my favorite artists for the art book.

BONUS: Tempest is also an excellent dancer, specializing in dance that delves into the realms of myth and magic! She is very much an opener of portals!

Here is why I adore her work:

You can find out more about Tempest’s art at: http://www.owlkeyme.com


Valerie Herron

Valerie Herron

I met Valerie through Maxine and have gotten to know her better through various mythic communities. Her artwork is sophisticated, emotional and evocative, and delves deep into the realms of myth and symbol. She’s got a spunky spirit with flaming red hair and a pagan-goth vibe that identifies her as “my people”. She combines fierceness and vulnerability in a way I just love!

BONUS: Valerie’s art will be featured extensively in Morpheus’ “Book of the Great Queen”.

Check her out:

You can find out more about Valerie’s art at: http://www.valerieherron.com


Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna Aura Knight

I first met Shauna as a mover and shaker in the world of Pagan leadership. Only later did I discover that she is an astonishingly gifted artist. She takes iconic, mythic images, and frames them in Celtic knot work and jewel-like accents, brightly colored and with bas-relief touches. Her style is romantic and beautiful, drawing heavily on Aurthurian and Celtic legends. I have an original hanging on my wall, and I love it!

Shauna’s art would be perfect paired with the song we’ll do with Heather Dale!

BONUS: Shauna also writes novels!

Here is a sampling of her work:

You can find out more about Shauna’s art at: https://shaunaknightarts.wordpress.com



And we need to get well into our stretch goals in order to do it.

I’d love to get one or two larger donors in the next week. It would be a good boost for the campaign, and also a great news item! If you have been thinking you’d like to have Winter and I come to your home for a house concert, I’d be thrilled if you book one through the campaign today.

Also, if you are in a position to help us step up to the next level by taking on a role as Executive Producer, I would love to talk with you. Please contact me privately to discuss a specialty arrangement just for you. Email sharon (at) sharonknight (dot) net.

Of course ALL donations and sharing are helpful, so please keep it up! Together will will make something truly stunning!