Hey there! I am Sharon Knight, and I want to enchant you.

I wander the land with my handsome guitar playing prince, singing songs of myth and magic, the fierce forces of nature, love and loss, melancholy and mayhem.

I yearn to weave a spell of beauty around you, to kindle your imagination with romance and poetry. I seek to hold you in thrall.

I want to remind you that we can all see the world through the eyes of enchantment.

I believe this world can be good. Not because someone will save us, but because we can step up and make it good.

This is the grand experiment: by changing our worldview from one of apocalyptic doom to one of delight and wonder, can we begin to shift our collective destiny? When our actions come from a place of being in love with the world, instead of hiding from its horrors, can we accomplish more, can we go further, can we find more effective solutions?

I’ll wager a yes. And I’ve thrown every bit of my life into the game.

I am a sea-loving tomboy who likes leather and velvet. I drink whiskey like I mean it.

Want to know more?

You can check out the About page of my website. Or you can listen to my music.  Or you can read my musician’s bio. Or you can read about my Sonic Alchemy work. You can watch some videos.

I have a fierce side as well. I have a music project to express this side, called Pandemonaeon. You can check us out here: Pandemonaeon, and watch Pan’s live show video.