About Sharon

Hi there! I’m Sharon, a musician and artist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. This is a bit about the world I live in, and an invitation for you to step into it. If you are looking for my “official” musician’s bio, check out my press kit.

I create music in a Celtic rock/pagan folk style,  which I call Neofolk Romantique. Each song is inspired by myth, folklore, and the secret life of the natural world. In these songs is reflected a deep-seated conviction that there is much more going on in this world than meets the eye. In the world of Neofolk Romantique, stones share their dreams, trees tell us tales, and the sea reveals its soul. Every being in nature has its own imaginal world, just like us humans. If we listen with stillness and reverence, we will be allowed into these worlds, interlaced with strange spirits, great palaces, and wondrous journeys. When we ask nature to reveal her soul, portals open into the fantastical, and we are reminded that this world is deeply enchanted, if only we can learn to see it.

I travel several months out of the year with my husband and musical conspirator, Winter, singing these songs to all who yearn for a touch of enchantment. We play at festivals devoted to these alternate worlds; Faerie, Mythic, Pagan, Steampunk, and beyond. We play house concerts, conventions, and coffee houses. We bring musical communion to any group who knows about these portals, and knows that songs can open them.

In the winter, when festival season slows, we create. We write more songs. And I create art, that represents the spirit of Neofolk Romantique.  I also have begun collecting items from several of the crafters we meet on tour. For indeed, all of us who gather at these festivals do what we can to bring these “Otherworlds” into the manifest world through our art. I shall soon be offering these collections here on the site, that they may help you live more fully in these realms.

I am deeply in love with this beautiful jewel of a planet, and want to see as much of her as I can! I am humbled by the many beautiful places I have been fortunate to visit thanks to music!

Winter and I have another music project, the Gothic-Tribal-Folk-Metal band Pandemonaeon. Darker and harder than Neofolk Romantique, yet also exotic and sensual. This music honors the darker realms, and keeps us balanced, in its way. For life is not all light, after all!  To this end, we produce a music and arts festival, with a gothic-tribal-witch aesthetic, called Hexenfest.

I hope to meet you some day on the winding road. I hope to share songs with you or perhaps a travel adventure. I hope you will join me in re-enchanting the world!