A Mermaid’s Lair

I did this awhile ago but figured I’d post a pic as a reminder that when we are feeling uninspired with our abodes, paint gives a big bang for the buck in the transformation department!

This was a huge improvement over “landlord white” and now my bedroom makes me feel like a mermaid!

This just cost me 2 cans of paint – one white and one the jewel-tone green, a few rollers, one tray, one brush, and pizza and beer for my helpers. Under $100 for sure. Probably under $60 without the beer swilling fiends I had for help.

All part of my core philosophy – bringing beauty and wonder to your life doesn’t require a lot of money, just imagination. :+)

2 thoughts on “A Mermaid’s Lair

  1. Oh nice…. will have to do a room in teal when my house is ready to redecorate. Thanks for the hint!

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