Stressed? Try This Free Sonic Alchemy Meditation

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You’ve probably heard me talking about Sonic Alchemy for awhile now.  It’s where I take my love of music and my years of magickal practice and smoosh them together into a sound-infused playground to help you move through stuck energy and get to the breakthrough place.

Songs can change the world. I truly believe this. Sonic Alchemy is the way in which I endeavor to show you.

Rather than write a big long spiel about it, I figured I’d do just that – show you.

So here’s what I did. I recorded a musical meditation created with Tibetan Bowls and Acutonics tuning forks. It’s just over 11 minutes long, and I am going to explain how to get the most out of it right here.

First you’ll need to snag the sound file. Here it is. 

Ready to play it? Okay. Here’s how to use it.

Begin by getting comfortable, and grab yourself a set of headphones, or at least, be sure to listen on good speakers. My crappy laptop speakers drop the lower tones, and you don’t want to miss those.

Press “play” and start breathing into the tone. As each tone hits, breathe deeply, taking the tone into your body. Allow it find its natural resonance in your body, letting it settle where it will.  Most folks find that lower tones resonate with the lower parts of their body and higher tones resonate with the higher parts.

As you breathe in the tone, allow it to bathe you, and as you exhale, ride the tone, allowing it to sweep away any anxieties and tensions.

You’ll notice that gradually, higher tones are introduced, and then they fall way and allow the deeper tones to come into play again. This particular meditation is called a  Sonic Alchemy Alignment  and is meant to be used the way we would work with the Middle Pillar or a Triple Soul Alignment, meaning that the tone should bathe and balance you from the pelvic bowl, through the heart, out the crown of your head, and back down again. You will probably find that this happens quite naturally as you breathe each tone in and allow it to find its resonance in your body. I often joke that this is the lazy person’s guide to meditation, as the sound does most of the work for you.

You will notice a few places where there is almost total silence. Let yourself exhale fully in these places, emptying yourself of thought as best you can.

That’s it! Easy as pie! Repeat as often as you like, and feel free to take a nap. :+)

See? I bet you anything sound just changed your world!


Do you like the Acutonics work? If so, come by the Sacred Well in Oakland on December 6th to check out the forks, and get a Sonic Alchemy gift certificate fro your loved ones!

15 thoughts on “Stressed? Try This Free Sonic Alchemy Meditation

  1. What a delicious gift, sweet Sharon!
    Thank you so much for 11 minutes of undiluted bliss *hugs*

    I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of music and song,
    but never thought to use it to help me meditate.

    You, my dear, are BRILLIANT!

  2. This is so beautiful – I have used Stumble on this page so hopefully loads more people will get to hear it. Thank you for sharing it with us and yes please I’d love to hear more ♥

  3. This is really wonderful and thank you for sharing it! It really made my hair stand on end and I could feel the tones moving through my body. Lovely and tingly!

  4. Hi there Lori!

    I did indeed get behind on the songwriting challenge. As you may have heard we produced our own music festival here in Oakland, Hexenfest. It ate my life. So yeah, I am sweating it out now trying to catch up and make sure I keep this commitment. I’ll definitely be counting this Sonic Alchemy meditation as one because it took forever to put it together! And I will catch up as best I can over the next few months, doing 5-6 a month until back on track. In fact I am working on one now, which is what reminded me that you had posted this. ;+)

  5. this is so cool! I remember when I did sound healing meditations/ DNA realignment (whatever that means??) with a Philippine local. Very interesting stuff..

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