2012 – The Year You and I Write Songs Together

Celtic spirit, metal attitude!

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope your festivities over the weekend have helped set the tone you’d like to see in 2012 (i.e. no puking), and that you are well on your way to any new beginnings you mean to invoke.

I rarely make New Year’s resolutions, as I prefer the idea of living intentionally every day.  My New Year’s celebrations always include some version of setting my intentions for the year and toasting them with friends.  However, I did make one resolution-type commitment this year that I am pretty jazzed about.

It began with writer’s block. There I sat, staring at the blank page with the bleak emptiness of a soul who has nothing to say.  But not to worry, I know the cure. Write anyway. So I do. Except that everything I write is shite. Or so I tell myself.

“You’re saying the same things over and over” says the Critic, brandishing his cane and pursing his shriveled lips in disapproval. “That’s stupid!” “Nobody says that!” “That doesn’t even rhyme.”

But onward I go, stalwart and steadfast. “Get back ye great prune! What have you ever done? All you do is tear down, so hush.”

Thus vanquished, my critic pipes down and I manage to churn out a song. It was a pretty song. Quite pleased with myself, was I.

And then came Winter. “Your songs are always about castles, kings, towers, serpents, pirates, and phoenixes. Write about something else”.


Apparently my efforts to blast through writer’s block are still not yielding breakthrough results. Clearly I need help. But from whom?

Why, you, of course! 

Yep, 2012 is going to be the Song-A-Week Songwriting Challenge, and I want you to help me.

Here’s how it’s going to go down:
I will write one song a week, every week, for the entire year of 2012. On the first Monday of each month, I will put out a call for ideas, right here on this blog,  and you guys are welcome to suggest ideas you’d like to hear me write about, in the comments section. If an idea really grabs me, or I see a common theme developing from several suggestions,  I will write a song based on your idea. On the last Monday of each month, I will post a recording of songs written that month and ask for your feedback and to vote for your favorites. If I’ve written something based on your idea I will give you a copy of the recording. Over time, the favorites will be developed into fully arranged songs for release on a formal album.

In this way you all can help me craft my next album in accordance with what you would like me to write about. A truly collaborative effort!

I think this will be fun, and it will really help me to have you guys part of the process. Aside from providing valuable feedback, you guys will really help to hold me accountable! Getting a new song written and recorded every week is going to be quite the trick with all the other irons I’ve got in the fire this year –  a new chant CD with Thorn, my summer touring schedule, and developing music meditations and workshops for Sonic Alchemy (because songs change the world, yo!) to name just a few!

So please hold me to my word – I’ll be a better woman for it, and also a better songwriter!

And, lo and behold – it’s the first Monday of the month! No time like the present to get started.  Got an idea for a Sharon Knight or a Pandemonaeon song? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks in advance for your help, I really do appreciate it. Let the ideas commence!

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22 thoughts on “2012 – The Year You and I Write Songs Together

  1. I think this is a really great idea. I have to say I’m fairly new to your music, but have found it very inspiring. Right now one of my favorites is “Song of the Sea”, I still need to purchase the whole CD, so I can enjoy the delights of the other titles. Hoping to do so soon:) I think that particular song is great because it speaks of our power and the connection we have with our ancestors and the elements and how important that relationship is. Music is eternally important to my soul, and something that after years of being a working mother I am learning to enjoy once more. Thank you for providing something with such a strong spritual influence.

  2. Hi Sharon. I would love to see you do some of your beautiful music about the harm man is doing to Mother Earth, sing for the Mother.
    Also being a Druid, I work alot with nature spirits, and plant spirits. I am getting old, and can’t work the gardens as much as I used to do. I fear the day I will not be able to get out and spend time with my flowers and herbs (that have helped so many over the years). I would love a song ,that is a prayer, that when that day comes I can call to those spirits to come and get me , and bring me to the next life.
    I hope you and Winter have a happy and healthy New Year that brings you much joy and success.
    Blessings from NH,
    Niniann Lacasse

  3. My first suggestion should cover the first 22 weeks, yes you guessed it, the major arcana. Sorry if it’s obvious, and yes I have done it myself with haiku, but it’s what springs to mind.

    93’s L***

  4. What about a journey? A place thats sacred and special to, where is the foundation of that music.

  5. Have you thought about using the tarot? or the elements, seasons, the wheel of the year
    Or as Liesl said, try writing in Haiku. It forces you to focus on the words.

    Here are a couple of mine: It was an inspired weekend.

    Rain quenches the ground
    Water shows the hidden heart
    New life now springs forth
    ….. LWF 7-6-11

    Water is lonesome
    Then water met the raindrops
    Now water dances
    ….. LWF 8-13-11

    Invisible bird
    Calls strangely to something else
    Who does it call to?
    ….. LWF 8-13-11

    Wind in the treetops
    No expected rain last night
    My tranquility
    ….. LWF 8-13-11

    Marmalade cream cat
    Shadows its owner and dog
    Keeping eyes on them
    ….. LWF 8-13-11

    Personally I love the image from Black Snake “My madness is leaking and coloring the tips of my hair purple”

    Lori F – MN
    Creator of heathenistic beaded jewelry

  6. I’d like to hear you write a song about the last really good meal you had. If it involves mushy peas, cool. Or bacon.

  7. How about a song from the perspective of a mythological hero? You mentioned Prometheus this month, maybe tell his story from his perspective. Why did he defy the will of Zeus? What did he hope to accomplish? Does he regret his actions? Bring his emotions and spirit to life!

    I also like Niniann’s idea about a song from the earthmother about the harm we perpetrate, another possible first-person perspective. Give voice to her!

  8. Wow these are great, y’all! Thanks so much for participating! There are several in here that I never would have thought of…such as bacon. I could write about the epic awesomeness of bacon on a Sunday morning. Heh heh.

    And Prometheus’s tale could make a grand Pandemonaeon song. Also loved the Curse of The Anti-Muse. Although I’ve kinda already got a song about that, Lover’s Pardon.

    And yes,the tarot. I have drawn on that source a lot, it’s always a good standby. As I am trying to break away from my usual habits, that’ll probably be a lower priority for now. Still – for your amusement – see if you can guess the tarot cards that were drawn in the writing of this song (yep we wrote this song by drawing tarot cards for each verse and seeing where it led), This Night I Ride.

    Anyway, stay tuned toward the end of the month to see the outcome of this little experiment, and thanks again! Love you all like crazy!

  9. baaaaacccccoooonnnn. mmmmmmm
    ode to a piggy. I’ve seen on either food network or travel channel a bar/pub in Boston [i think] that has FREE BACON instead of nuts or pretzls. mmmm could be worth a trip.

  10. Hmm…I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but how about a song that re-appropriates the Celtic Cross in some way? Good luck, writer girl.. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  11. Over the weekend, I came up with, like, 20 more ideas. Do you want us to innundate you with them, or should we parcel them out over time? I could give you two or three at the begining of each month so there’s always something to use or ignore.

  12. And my wife suggested, if you like writing songs about dragons and castles, to write a song about two dragons having sex on a castle.

  13. Wow I love this idea of mining the collective mind and producing such collaborative work. I would love to hear songs about What Gaia is Thinking and your own mission of How to Re-Enchant the World.

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